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Leos go barefoot for a good cause

Bass player Austin Orrell of One Pin Short plays with his group to raise awareness for One Day Without Shoes. For the annual event students were encouraged to walk barefoot throughout the day to show their support for children who walk barefoot in developing countries. / photo by Candice Salazar

Alexa Palacios
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board sponsored “One Day Without Shoes” on Tuesday. The event was created by footwear company TOMS Shoes to promote awareness for less fortunate children who cannot afford shoes.

About 40 students came to Sneaky Park to enjoy refreshments and mini keepsakes on behalf of CAB used to promote their upcoming events.

Students also enjoyed the live sounds of the reggae rock band One Pin Short while supporting a good cause.

The event was organized by CAB Phil­an­th­ropy Chair­woman Nicole Wood and Con­cert Chair­man Michael Lindsay.

They urged students to spend the day barefoot to understand how pertinent shoes are and how lucky they are to not have to go without.

CAB also promoted charity by encouraging students to donate shoes to less fortunate children, which mirrors the philosophy behind TOMS Shoes,.

The company donates a pair of shoes to needy children in other companies for every pair of shoes purchased.

“I first heard about this event from Mike and when I did my research about it I thought it was a really great cause,” Wood said.

“A pair of shoes goes a really long way and we are all really fortunate.”

Those who went without shoes expressed a deep connection and understanding of the importance of supporting those who are less fortunate.

“Where I am from, it’s a very low income area and I used to see kids on the weekends who played without shoes,” Ramon Montoya, political science major said.

“I am only going one day without and sometimes they go a whole lifetime without. I am just doing for those who do without,” he said.

“My family comes from a third world country and I think what CAB is doing here is really admirable,” sophomore theater arts and French major Stephanie Aguilar said.

“Our bodies are made to move and our feet are the sources of it,” she said.

“I got the idea for ‘One Day Without Shoes’ from a friend who told me about it and I brought it to La Verne last year,” said Jessica Gerard, sophomore political science, sociology and psychology major.

“I just wanted to participate and it really opened my eyes to see how important shoes are,” she said.

One Pin Short’s music contributed to the relaxed and comforting nature of the event.

The event resembled a live concert with students walking around barefoot, singing and dancing along to the music and cheering after each song.

“I really liked the band and the lead singer never wears shoes so they were perfect for the event,” Lindsey said.

“I really hope people enjoyed being exposed to reggae rock and gave it a chance, even though it is not a mainstream genre. I also hope they will donate more to TOMS.”

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