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Students request new food options

Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez

The digestion of all on-campus residents is about to be affected. With midterms almost behind us and only a month left of classes, the University of La Verne has started searching for a new food provider to cook for the masses.

Committees have met with four different food providers for a chance to take over Sodexo’s position.

Now that there might be a change in who is providing the food to the students, faculty and staff, this is the perfect time for the student body to request new food options as well.

The number of vegetarian dishes that were served in Davenport this semester was extremely low. Even though the number of non-vegetarian students is much higher than vegetarian students, the meals should still be brought in as a delicious dish.

There are many creative dishes that do not require any meat like vegetarian lasagna that uses spinach, cheese and tomatoes to create a healthy alternative.

While health is always an issue in selecting what to eat, the traditional options of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and pizza are always appreciated.

For some it is a saving grace when they cannot identify what they are eating. So to whoever the school selects, these usual meal choices should be preserved if only partially.

Another wish for the students is allergy-friendly meals. One food allergy that is starting to become more common is gluten. To not limit what these students can eat; gluten-free bread was introduced to the menu. Gluten-free pastas, cereals and pizza are options and should be used as much as possible.

Food sensitivities also need to be taken into consideration when picking what is appropriate for the ULV population. While someone might not be allergic to this specific food, his or her body may have a reaction to it that mimics an allergic reaction. We do not want bland meals, but the thought of someone puffing up in the middle of Davenport is not encouraging to eat on campus.

This change can be taken further if the committees choose to question the four competing companies on what they can do to help with food allergies and sensitivities so that students are not limited to only a few things on the menu.

While the basics of eating are not that hard to cover, there is the question of those working for the company. Currently, Sodexo employs students to help serve food, prepare food or in the case of Barbara’s Place, make Starbucks coffee. These jobs are important because they provide income to the students who are seeking work.

Hopefully, whoever is selected to provide our meals will continue this employment and preserve the student employees on campus.

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