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There are too many apps for that

Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez

Last year’s release of the iPhone 4 and the iPad brought thousands lining up at Apple stores across the country.

On the first day of release the iPhone 4 sold 1.5 million units and the iPad sold 8.25 million units from April 2010 through December 2010, according to Apple.

When Apple or any other company releases a new gadget, people feel they have to have it.

Even with the state of the economy, people will pay hundreds of dollars just to have the newest technologies. But it seems that these companies are coming out with new phones and tablets every six months and it is becoming hard to keep up with the trends.

Millions of Verizon customers rushed to buy the iPhone 4 when it was released in February, but now there are rumors that Apple will come out with the iPhone 5 by summer.

If the rumors are true Verizon customers will only have had five or six months with their phone and will feel compelled to go out and buy the new version.

Apple and all companies that sell these gadgets need to take a timeout and let people enjoy their products.

Those who received iPads for Christmas are now wishing they could take them back because Apple just released the iPad 2, and since their gadget is not up to date, they feel out of place.

When these new products are released they do not vary much from the previous version.

For example the same applications can be downloaded on both versions of the iPhone, but one might have a slightly faster connection.

The one big difference between the two iPad models is the price. The pricing for the original iPad starts at $399 and the iPad 2 pricing starts at $499 and goes up to $899.

People cannot afford to be spending this kind of money when the national unemployment rate is 9.5 percent, as of February.

Apple, as consumers of your product, we ask you to stop shoving these new devices down our throats and let us enjoy what we have.

Please give us time to play with our gadgets and discover the new features they have.

We want to enjoy the products we spent good money on without worrying it will be out of style.

But as soon as you come out with the newest phone or tablet you know we will be lining up to buy it, but will still be stuck with our useless, out of date version.

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