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Variety show brings broad talent to campus

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Gabriela Garcia performed the art of the spoken word on April 1 during the La Verne Student Variety Show as part of the Morgan Auditorium Dedication Week. A spoken word artist, Garcia performed such poems as “The World’s Greatest Magician,” which chronicles the story of Medina’s parents as they work to support their family on a tight budget, and “Four Women,” which tells the story of four women, one of which is Garcia, who struggle with intolerance and abusive relationships. The variety show also included comedian Jim Tavaré and musician Kurt Scobie. / photo by Warren Bessant

Amanda Nieto
Associate News Editor

A fantastic mash-up of comedy, music and poetry made for a memorable night in honor of the Ann and Steve Morgan Auditorium dedication week at 7:30 p.m. on Friday.

Comedian Jim Tavaré, musician Kurt Scobie and spoken word artist Gabriela Garcia created an engaging night of laughter, singing and even periods of deep emotional reflection.

Tavaré is best known for his role on “Last Comic Standing” and playing Tom the innkeeper in “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.”

President Morgan and his wife, Ann, as well as President-Select Lieberman and around 40 others joined in the celebration.

“It was a well rounded show,” Nicee Gonzalez, senior music major, said. “There were a lot of things from a lot of different people.”

Tavaré started off the night with his double bass and wearing the costume of a classic musician.

Referring to his comedic costume Tavaré said, “I try to be trendy like you, but when I wear a hoodie I look like the grim reaper.”

Born in Britain, Tavaré spent much of the night making jokes comparing America with his native home.

“Where I come from we have very powerful sun block, it’s called clouds,” Tavaré said.

Tavaré incorporated his double bass into his comedy routine which garnered much enthusiasm and laughs from the audience.

Toward the end of his routine, he put on thick black framed glasses and did the iconic Six Flags commercial dance and sent the audience into fits of laughter and cheers.

Next to perform his craft, was Scobie, a soulful musician from Atlanta.

Scobie’s strong and sultry voice glided along with the notes of the keyboard as he put all his emotion into the lyrics and music.

With a compilation of his own music and other popular songs, Scobie displayed his talent as a musician.

“I need your kiss like oxygen” were just some of the heartfelt lines that the audience was given to enjoy.

With hands furiously working along the keyboard and his foot tapping on the pedal, Scobie brought soul and feeling to “Walking in Memphis.”

“I liked the music, with it just being him and the piano,” Gonzalez said. “A lot of the time the music overwhelms the voice, but tonight it worked really well.”

Poet and spoken word artist, Garcia ended the night with her stunning works that elegantly combine humor and tenderness.

Born in Cuba and later moving to London, Garcia’s poetry exemplified the difficulties of being raised in a foreign world and trying to find a comfortable place in between.

Performing her works such as “The World’s Greatest Magician” and “Self Empowered Love Poem,” Garcia entranced the audience with her words and the rhythm of her voice.

“Four Women” told the story of four different women and their struggles with living in a patriarchal society.

The first part of the poem depicts the tragic scene of a woman being raped while crossing the border from Mexico.

The second woman is an immigrant from South East Asia and is forced to work in a sweatshop to try and work her way up in a foreign land.

Third, is the story of a young black gay woman who looks for acceptance in society, but is constantly being judged by other people’s standards of what a woman should be.

The fourth woman is Garcia who tells her personal struggle of being physically abused for two years.

“I really enjoyed all of the acts, but the spoken word and her message really got to me,” said Lisa Keyan, freshman movement and sports science major.

The evening proved to be a wonderful display of talent and entertainment with performers doing what they live for.

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