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Housing not making smart moves

As if creating a first-come, first-served basis priority deadline was not bad enough, there has been another questionable decision made by the Housing Office.

“Residents should note that there are limited spaces available and are encouraged to apply early,” said the Student Housing and Residential Education Office in an email.

Many students are finding out that they have to live in the Sheraton Hotel, located just off of White Avenue by the Pomona Fairplex, not on-campus.

There is a gray area in this email; it does not specify if there would be limited space due to incoming residents or because there was going to be a capacity limit set for returning residents.

As it turns out, the latter has proven to be true as many students who turned in their application before the deadline were put on a waiting list.

In addition, the cost of living in the Sheraton is almost $1,000 more than living in the Oaks.

To make matters worse, you can only purchase a five-meal plan that costs more than twice as much as a 10-meal plan when living on campus in Brandt, Stu-Han or the Oaks.

It makes no sense that returning residents must live in “on-campus” housing that is more than two miles away, pay more and eat less than students who have never attended a class at the University.

This entire debacle could have been easily avoided had SHARE merely had some patience. If they waited for the “priority” deadline to expire, counted the applications and given each “priority” applicant a room, then created a waiting list for each applicant, there would not be a problem.

There would not be students who are frustrated because of the fact that they are not receiving actual on-campus housing for turning in their application before the deadline.

There would not be students potentially leaving the University because they cannot afford to live at the Sheraton and cannot find off-campus housing.

Finally, there would not be students who refuse to live at the Sheraton because it makes no sense to live away from campus and eat less than one meal per day for more money that it would to live on-campus.

Just when it appeared that SHARE could not have done anything else wrong, they made one more false move.

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