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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a young man I look back to my younger years, growing up playing baseball. I remember dreaming of bigger better stages to compete and display my abilities in the sport. I came from programs that did not have winning traditions, in fact they could be considered among the worst programs over the past 10 years in southern California.

What got me here where I am today is my ability to never give up, and to strive for a goal that many have deemed impossible. When I came to the University of La Verne on my first recruiting trip, I remember walking up to the field and standing with my father. I have done things that have upset people in the past month; the commotion on campus is a sign to the community to unite as one collective voice to make change.

My objective is not to publicly bash my administration, in fact I completely respect my administration. But this is one decision that I disagree with and many support my opposition to the plans about to take place here at the University of La Verne. Last week I read the “Letter to the Editor” sent in by Wanda Hines. I write this letter in hopes that she is reading and that every Leopard will pick up this article and rest assured that we will not let the tradition of Leo baseball be so easily thrown away.

I could not agree more with what Hines said in her letter. I received an email from Nolan Karns on May 2 concerning all our efforts to save Ben Hines Field. He said, “I spoke with Ben Hines two weeks ago and his face lit up when I told him that a group of students are rallying to keep the field alive.”

When people say it is impossible to stop the construction from happening, I keep the thought of Ben Hines in the back of my mind, the man that our field is named after. Ben Hines, I will not let your honor, hard work and years of dedication to this University be wiped away by a bulldozer.

Our successful petition-signing events and fundraisers helped raise awareness of the fate of Ben Hines Field. I still believe no matter how much we have accomplished up to this point that it has not been nearly enough. It is time to push harder than ever before to keep our traditions alive and that is exactly what our administration can expect to see in the next few weeks; a student body with a loud voice proud to rally behind the efforts to save the field.

There is no limit to what the student body can accomplish if we all work together as one unit. If everything in life worth fighting for was impossible then you would not be where you are in your life at this moment. The only way to come out on top in this situation is to form bonds with your fellow classmates and strive for one common goal. Together we can save Ben Hines Field and go down in history as the student body that made a change at the University of La Verne.

Alan Heide
Student Athlete Advisory Committee President

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