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Offshore drilling not the answer

As the gas prices keep rising and people become desperate to find alternate ways of travel, the Senate has began taking its own measures to try and remedy the situation.

Unfortunately, for the coasts of the United States this means that it may be open for offshore drilling.

Ever since the price of oil jumped, the threat of off-shore drilling has come up as a possibility to save Americans money and save them from the pain at the pump. As great as it would be to have gas that is less than an arm and a leg, it is a horrible idea to begin drilling so close to home.

If the bill is passed and offshore drilling begins next year, it would still take several years for the oil to even reach the U.S. market. The House Natural Resource Committee spokesman Doc Hastings believes it would send a message to the rest of the world that the United States is serious about producing its resources.

We are so serious about our resources that we are willing to risk another oil spill that could set us back another 10 years with recovery efforts.

“With high gas prices becoming a hot political issue, the House on Thursday passed legislation that would expand offshore energy exploration, even though Congress has yet to pass new drilling safeguards a year after the massive gulf oil spill,” the Los Angeles Times said in a recent article on Congress’ decision.

After the oil spills in the gulf, the relief efforts that went to the residents, animals and businesses that operate in that area were slow. We are still hearing about problems that they are having with the area recovering from the spill.

Without a new bill passed to ensure safety when drilling, we can not be sure that they are really looking out for the public’s pain. While it is important to ensure that we do not become completely dependent on foreign oil, it is also important to make sure we do not destroy our own home and resources in the process.

We want to know if the Senate give the American people the chance to voice their opinion about offshore drilling or if it will simply pass a bill despite protest. What it boils down to is how desperate are the American people for oil.

Until the bill is passed that would protect us from any possibility of another oil spill, Congress should not suggest drilling right offshore.

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