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Roynon students get fit, raise money

Roynon Elementary School held its first ever walk-a-thon fundraiser on May 13. The Raccoon Rally helped the school raise money for school materials, field trips and beautification projects. Many students took to running and enjoying the great weather, while parent volunteers and teachers handed out water and popsicles throughout the event. / photo by Victoria Castaneda

Rachel Creagan
Staff Writer

Roynon Elementary School held its first Raccoon Rally, a walk-a-thon to help raise money for next year’s school programs.

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade met at noon on Friday to participate in the walk, while parents and faculty volunteered to ensure a good time for all involved.

“We wanted to find a way to help fundraise for programs that had the kids directly involved without having them just sell junk,” PTA president Dominique Alvarez said.

The event provided an opportunity for parents to offset their expenses for the next school year.

“Third grade students this year are fundraising for their hands-on history program and fourth graders are walking to raise money for their outdoor science camp,” Alvarez said.

Music, popsicles and water were all it took to get the students’ spirits high and ready to run as they circled the grassy field.

“This is something where the children benefit from the exercise and also from the aspect of community by having everyone walk together,” Alvarez said.

The excitement was prevalent as the students acquired their tally marks with each lap they jogged around the field.

“This is really fun. I have an adrenaline rush from running,” fifth grade participant Lexi Duarte said.

“This is getting them to realize that if they run, they aren’t going to melt,” assistant principal Nancy Sifter said.

Some students were unsure of the exact purpose of the walk-a-thon, but enjoyed being outside and with friends regardless.

“We got out of class, that is the best part,” fifth grade participant Isabella Ramirez said.

“I think it is fantastic. One of the most fun events Roynon has ever done,” parent volunteer Julie Barron said. “Roynon runs in our family; I went here, my daughter who is now in college, and now my son, who is a third grader here.”

“My daughter has been looking forward to this all week long,” Lilia Segundo said.

The event came to a close with a final lap to pick up trash.

“We will absolutely be doing this again,” Sifter said. “It is electric and the enthusiasm from the kids has just been great.”

Roynon Elementary raised more than $5,000 for next year’s programs.

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