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Students learn to pinch pennies

Erica Lynn Lares
Staff Writer

With tuition, rent, gas prices and textbook prices at an all-time high, saving money can be very helpful for a college student. Recent surveys conducted by OnCampus Research have found ways to save money by paying attention to where and how money is spent.

With the economy being in poor condition, college students are being conscientious with their spending. In an unscientific survey, eight out of 10 La Verne students say that they are paying more attention to and comparing prices before purchasing items as textbooks or even gas.

“With gas prices being really high, I have to pay attention to how much money I spend elsewhere,” Kevin Ibarra, senior business administration major, said. “I do this by cutting out things that I do not really need to buy like fast food. I find myself eating at home more than going out.”

College students have to spend more money on the necessities, and to compensate for the high prices they have found ways to save, which can make a big difference in spending habits.

“Since the prices of everyday products have recently taken a big jump, I find myself comparing prices more often, especially at grocery stores,” Sean Fasig, junior movement and sports science major, said. “I now buy more generic brands and they are just as good as the leading.”

Students not only find themselves saving money at the grocery store but also when buying other products.

“I love shopping at Nordstrom, but as much as I enjoy it, it is too expensive to go there every single time I need to buy an outfit,” Megan McDevitt, junior history major, said. “I now find myself going to the stores that are more affordable, like Marshalls. Places like this are great because they carry a lot of designer brands but at a lower price.”

“I won’t go out of my way to find a good deal,” Jake Ludvik, junior movement and sports science major, said. “In the time I spent driving around, I already wasted gas. I usually do my shopping online to save the gas money.”

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