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ULV copes with gas prices

Jennahway Huerta
Staff Writer

In the past year gas prices have been an issue for all commuters leaving many to find cheaper forms of transportation to cope with the dramatic rise.

People are now riding their bikes, walking or taking the bus to save money, while others are finding ways to minimize drive time.

In the past year we have seen gas prices rise from about $3 to more than $4, leaving the average person spending about $100 a week to fill up the gas tank in their mid-sized vehicles.

“Gas prices are awful. I am trying to conserve my gas tank by staying at a friend’s house near campus so I don’t have to drive home as much,” Tamlyn Tarango, sophomore English major said.

Carpooling with classmates has also become more popular as students commute to and from school.

“I commute 11 miles. I can’t really drive less but I stay at school more often even during longer breaks instead of driving home; I also carpool often,” Amanda Rowland, junior economics major, said.

The local gas station that offers the cheapest gas prices is the Vons located off Foothill Boulevard in The Commons at La Verne.

“I commute from Mt. Baldy and drive 25 minutes to and from school every day. However, I do try and drive less during the day,” Jakeh Landrum, junior liberal arts major, said.

On campus there are faculty members who have chosen to ride their bicycles to La Verne for the benefits of saving money and exercise.

“I ride my bicycle to La Verne because it’s easy and cheap. I don’t drive unless I have to, I combine errands into a single loop and buy the cheapest gas possible,” Gary Colby, professor of photography, said.

“On the days I don’t drive to La Verne, I use the car very little. I walk to the market, post office, bookstores, and the bank.” Gabriela Capraroiu, assistant professor of Spanish, said. “I keep my fingers crossed for a broader public transportation system – both subways and trains. It would improve our lives greatly.”

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