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We are bursting at the seams

During this school year we have watched our class sizes increase, our financial aid decrease, our parking spots fill up and ours sports leave campus one-by-one.

We have protested enrollment increases, and yet next fall our enrollment will be at an all-time high. What is more troublesome is that despite the increases in enrollment, little has been to done to create new classes to accommodate the influx of students.

Classes at the University of La Verne are already impacted, and we speak for a disgruntled student body when we say that the University has not done enough to increase faculty so that there are places for all these new students to go.

To our administrators, the Board of Trustees and anyone who has the power to make a change: Our classes are too large and something needs to be done. We came to this university with the promise of a student to teacher ratio of 12:1, and this promise has not been fulfilled.

Our classes should not be over capacity; while it is understandable that some classes may be larger than this promised ratio, they should not become so full that there are not classrooms large enough to host them.

The solution to this problem is clear. The University must open more sections of the classes it offers and hire more professors to teach these classes.

While it is true that times are tough, the University has just secured its largest fall enrollment, and surely some of this tuition money can be used to hire more professors and open more sections.

The University needs to realize that unless more is done to relieve the strain on class size, students will begin to take their money elsewhere. We pay too much money for this school to be sitting in classes so impacted that they feel no different from those at a community college.

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