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Artists interact weekly after hours

Christian Orozco
Staff Writer

Eager students filled the courtyard at Pomona College to participate in the mini canvas paintings, play some of the latest video games and watch the 2008 art documentary “Cool School,” all presented by “Art After Hours.”

“Art After Hours” is a program that began last year and holds various art activities every Thursday in the lawn of the Pomona College Museum of Art.

“I’m not an artist, but all of this gives me a chance to express myself artistically,” Claremont resident Erwynnda Vessup said.

The night was split up into three parts.

The artists worked on mini canvas paintings for the first part of the evening.

The water fountain proved to be inspiration for many of the artists at this part.

Very few people showed up for the mini canvas paintings, but those who did enjoyed the experience.

As the turn out seemed disappointing in the beginning, the Stonez Rolling Video Game truck came to save the night for the second part of the evening.

Stonez Rolling Video Games provided six big screen high-definition televisions.

The televisions were equipped with Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

As the gamers flooded in, pedestrians stopped and stared at the huge truck and its two high definition TVs that were on the outside of the truck.

Pedestrians only saw the outside of the truck, but the real party was on the inside.

“This is so awesome that the school is doing this,” freshman at Pomona College, Cole Story, said. “I haven’t played video games in so long.”

Stonez Rolling Video Games provided all of the latest video games for the attendees.

“The video games were a great idea because it showed people who wouldn’t normally go to “Art After Hours” that they can have fun here too,” Pomona College freshman, Kevin Wei, said.

The third part of the night began and the gamers and the art students gathered together on the lawn to watch the film “Cool School.”

The documentary focuses on the 1960s art movement in Los Angeles and is narrated by Jeff Bridges.

With the set up projector and screen in the middle of the museum’s lawn, some of the art fans decided to browse through the museum and look at some of Robert Irwin’s work, who was one of the featured artists in the movie.

As couples laid on blankets to watch the film, the gamers and art fans created conversation.

“It is so great that they were able to create such a great environment by having such a broad array of activities,” Vessup said.

“Each and every person was able to take something new from here,” museum and “Art After Hours” coordinator Jessica Wimbley said. “We’re just trying to provide different experiences for different types of people.”

“Art After Hours” puts on events every Thursday from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Next week it will be staging the band “Pageants,” presented by 88.7 KSPC.

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