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ASULV focuses on communication

John Bottala
Staff Writer

The Associated Students of the University of La Verne hope to increase campus communication through scheduling town meetings, and the group plans to propose transforming La Verne into a wet campus.

ASULV President Nick Sloot and staff spent the summer coming up with ways to increase communication between faculty and students.

One idea is to hold a town meeting, which would increase direct contact between the two groups.

“Over the summer President (Devorah) Lieberman and I worked hard and came up with this town meeting idea,” Sloot said.

According to Sloot, the meeting would consist of multiple faculty members from different departments coming together to address student issues.

“This meeting will help students get their questions answered right away from the faculty instead of waiting and getting no response,” Sloot said.

For example, if students have a question about starting a new club on campus, the meeting would allow them to get such information from the appropriate faculty member.

ASULV Vice President Ava Jahanvash is a strong proponent of the town meeting idea.

“The goal of the town hall meeting is to put students in direct contact with the faculty and administration to address any issues they may have.” Jahanvash said.

“What can happen is that the students do not know where to go or who to contact with their issues. This meeting should eliminate that problem.”

ASULV is committed to helping students with their needs and concerns.

“As the student government, it is our goal to help students communicate their needs and help solve those issues,” Jahanvash said.

ASULV believes a town meeting would do just that.

The first proposed town meeting is set for late October.

Sloot is also looking into the process of turning the University into a wet campus.

ASULV, with Sloot in the lead, have plans to see if this change would be beneficial to the University.

Sloot plans to contact approximately 25 surrounding schools similar to La Verne and see what their alcohol policy is.

“The type of schools I would look at are like the Claremont Colleges and Cal Lutheran,” Sloot said.

“I feel that making small steps towards becoming a wet campus is a good thing because students of age can drink more responsibly,” ASULV Vice President of Communications Jenae Hodges said.

“It will also reduce the amount of students drinking and driving.”

After Sloot and ASULV are finished researching and collecting data about becoming a wet campus, they are going to propose a plan to the University.

“At the end of this year we should have a proposal on a recommendation for changes to the University alcohol policy,” Sloot said.

Sloot also said that students must know that this policy will take time to change.

“It takes baby steps to become a wet campus,” Sloot said.

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