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Concert kicks off noon series

Veronica Rodriguez
Staff Writer

A cantor sang the first words of the song and the ensemble of three responded in soprano and tenor voices a cappella.

Last Friday, the Chant and Polyphony ensemble, featuring the Perkins Gradual, performed at Scripps College.

The departments of Music at Pomona and Scripps College joined together for the fall Friday Noon Concert Series.

The concert series kicked off on Sept. 23 and will run through Friday, Dec. 9.

The concert series will include performances from both students and faculty.

The Perkins Gradual filled the Boone Recital Hall with anxious attendees waiting to listen to their performance.

The hardwood floors on the stage were lit up and the foursome came out on the stage.

The Perkins Gradual is made up of Anne Harley, Charles W.Kamn, David Rentz, and Ellen Rentz.

It was the first time the Perkins Gradual performed together and Rentz said she loved singing with them, as Charles and Ann have sung together in the past.

During the performance, Charles was the person who led the group an attendee at the event described him as the rock of the group.

Ellen Rentz gave a great performance as the soprano in the group you could tell that she was truly inspired.

Her emotions were in the psalms and you can see it in her facial expressions and hand movements.

“I used to be an actor, so expressiveness comes from there,” Ellen Rentz, soprano of the Perkins Gradual said.

The group sang psalms like Guilanume De Fay and Introit for Second Sunday after Easter.

As the group sang, the audience was so in tune with the group that you could feel the energy coming from the audience to the group and the Perkins Gradual responded with a great performance.

“I loved it, I loved it my students are currently working on medieval times manuscripts and it is joyful that they get to hear what is on the manuscripts,” Kitty Maryatt, Assistant Professor of Art, Director of Scripps College said.

The book currently resides in the Scripps College Library.

The book is very large and each page contains illuminated initials, which are scattered through the manuscript.

The pages are surrounded in floral borders of brushed gold, containing flowers, fruits, insects, birds, and other animals.

“The performance was fantastic; It was my first time listening to medieval music in an academic setting,” Scripps student Emma Kellman said.

The Friday noon concert series will continue next Friday featuring Rachel V. Huang, violin and Paul R. Bishop, piano.

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