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Concert Review: The Horrors deliver a full house at the Glass House

Brenna von den Benken
Arts Editor

If you were deaf and relied solely on your vision, you may have mistaken the five-piece English-based band the Horrors for portraying witches dancing around a pot of boiling fog on stage for an early Halloween special at 7 p.m. Monday at the Glass House in Pomona.

With slender, lanky cat-like bodies garnered in dainty crisp clothing, jumping around colorful stage lights, The Horrors were everything but horror-ful. Unless you want to give the term a new definition, which in this case should be ‘phenomenal.’

“Their live performance sounded just as good if not better than their recordings,” concert attendee Alyssa Reyes said.

“It’s really hard to find bands that sound as clear live as they do on your headphones,” she added.

Prior to the show, upon arrival, a line of shoegaze and post-punk fans trailed an entire block down outside of the Glass House all the way to the corner restaurant Aladdin Jr.

Emerging band, the Stepkids, opened for the Horrors and added to the hype with their futuristic electro soul sound and funky visual one-hour set.

The Horrors’ set relied strongly on the distinctive guitar work of Joshua Hayward, Faris Badwan’s deep vocals and the eerie tunes of bassist, Rhys ‘Spider’ Webb’s.

“Badwan’s vocals was intensely hypnotic while Hayward’s guitar performance put me in a trance the entire time,” concert attendee Valerie Bueno said.

Tom Cowan’s relaxed influence on the synthesizer and Joe Spurgeon’s quick beats on the drums created a more thrilling effect to the show.

The $15 ticket to see the Horrors was not only far below the actual cost I would be willing to pay for their resonating live performance, but it was also valid for admission to another show that night with Bad Suns, Close to Modern, and Melting Clouds at Aladdin Jr.

“I even enjoyed the surf rock playlist that was playing on the speakers right before the Horrors went on stage,” concert attendee Victor Valle said. “Going out on a Monday night never felt so worth it before.”

The Horrors will continue their North American tour to promote their newest album, “Skying” throughout September and October.

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