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Lieberman explores ‘magical’ ULV

President Devorah Leiberman has been visiting all corners of the diverse University of La Verne campus on what she calls her “Magical Mystery Tour” to become familiar with staff, faculty, administration and students in all departments. On one of her stops she talks with Rhonda Dolormente and Chris Carrasco in the athletic training room on Sept. 8. / photo by Scott Mirimanian

Amanda Nieto
LV Life Editor

University of La Verne President Devorah Lieberman has been going behind the scenes at the University with her Magical Mystery Tour.

Since July 5 Lieberman has been traveling through different departments on campus and meeting the colorful faculty, staff and students that make up the University.

“Because I am new to the University of La Verne I want to know as much about it as I possibly can,” Lieberman said.

Deriving the title from a Beatles’ song, Lieberman has rolled up to the College of Business and Public Manage­ment, the College of Education and Organizational Leadership, the College of Law, Miller Hall, the Campus Center and many other departments.

“I will get to know more students and meet some faculty I have never met before,” Lieberman said.

“I will learn about a building or a location, the history of a building and what goes on there, and what dreams people have for their programs.”

On Sept. 8 Lieberman was taken on a tour of the Athletic Pavilion where she met with coaches, athletic trainers, students and members of the theater department.

“It’s important for anyone working at the University to know what is going on, especially the President,” Sean Dillon, associate professor of theater arts, said. “(The tour) reflects engagement and approachability on her part.”

“She has tremendous curiosity and energy,” David Flaten, professor of theater arts, said.

“She is full of the wonder of a child, and taking interest in faculty work is truly wonderful.”

With everything Lieberman has learned on the tour she plans to direct the knowledge and energy back into the University.

Flaten said that a stronger emphasis on academics and less on construction is a hope he has for Lieberman’s administration.

“The more I understand the dreams that the faculty and staff have the more I can be a president who works with the campus on their dreams, and together we can create the vision for where we want to go,” Lieberman said.

“With more detail and understanding she gets to know the specific strengths and challenges,” Dillon said. “It’s the difference between driving from one place to another to flying.”

Lieberman plans to continue her tour, with Granny’s Yogurt being the next stop on the list.

“I am waiting for Granny’s Yogurt to open up so I can go over there and have some fat- free yogurt; I do not know what is slowing that down because I want that to be my next stop on my Magical Mystery Tour.”

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