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Magician Arthur Trace infuses theater in magic

Magician Arthur Trace preformed Monday in La Fetra lecture hall. Before the performance, the students met in the foyer for food and refreshments while being entertained by a few card tricks. Trace is the eighth magician in history to be awarded the ‘Gold Medal International Award of Excellence’ by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He can be found preforming regularly at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Trace has also been on the TV series “Masters of Illusion.”/ photo by Cameron Barr

Kevin Parada
Staff Writer

The University of La Verne welcomed Arthur Trace, the eighth magician to be awarded a Gold Medal International Award of Excellence by the International Brotherhood of Magicians, on Monday in La Fetra Lecture Hall.

Trace performed a two-hour magic show that ran from 10 p.m. to midnight.

“I like performing in front of smaller audiences, it gives me a chance to be more interactive with the people, “ Trace said.

However, playing in front of large audiences is something Trace is familiar with by performing for up to 3,000 people. He was also featured on the TV show ‘Masters of Illusion.’

Trace is known in the world of stage magic for combining theatre and magic in a new way.

At ULV, Trace performed for an audience of about 150 highly energized students.

Trace started off the night with a trick involving a rope that moved to the sound of music.

Keeping the crowd engaged and intrigued is what Trace continued to do all night with his plethora of magic tricks.

“How did you put the balls in her hands without her knowing,” asked Denise Landeros, a ULV alumna.

Trace refused to give his secrets away as he said, “It’s more fun for you if you don’t know.”

Trace kept the event enjoyable and mysterious as everyone wondered how he was able to do his tricks.

His bag of tricks included one where he selected eight random students from the audience and had them pick out a card from a deck. Trace then shuffled the deck and picked out the exact card that each student was holding.

The true trick came when the last student’s card was pulled out of Trace’s wallet, which was inside of his pants the whole time.

For a Monday night the event had a large turnout with many audience members praising the excitement.

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