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More bike racks would help

According to a 2008 study by the National Carbon Dioxide Information Center, the United States has the twelfth largest carbon footprint in the world with 4.9 metric tons per capita.

As the University of La Verne pushes toward a more environmentally friendly campus with the construction of the Campus Center and the new residence hall, it is time that the students follow suit.

Parking is always an issue at any university and the students and faculty of La Verne are not strangers to the problems that come with a lack of parking spaces.

Rather than complain, students and faculty should take this opportunity to find alternate means of transportation thus saving frustration, time and the environment.

A greater number of students have already taken steps toward becoming environmentally conscious by riding their bikes, skateboards, scooters and motorcycles.

The University has also extended the shuttle service that began last year to include students. This means fewer cars roaming around the campus parking lots searching for an empty space.

While we await the grand opening of the new parking lot that will be located by the new dorms, the University must also take steps to make alternative transportation a more convenient and appealing option.

Despite the fact that our campus has a green agenda, there is not a sufficient number of bike racks or places to store alternative modes of transportation to meet the needs of the growing number of students who have chosen such earth-friendly alternatives.

Currently bike racks are located outside the dorms, the recently renovated Leo Hall and a few more outside and beside Miller Hall.

The shortage of bicycle parking can be a frustrating dilemma for students and faculty who have trouble finding a safe place for their transportation or simply wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

Specialized spaces for motorcycles are also nearly non-existent, even though motorcycles are a more environmentally conscientious means of transportation.

The lack of spaces for motorcycles means that riders are forced to park in regular spaces, taking spaces meant for larger vehicles, which clearly doesn’t help the parking problem.

Where motorcycle parking is available, such as by the Oaks A and E buildings, the spots are taken by drivers of smaller vehicles such as Smart Cars and Volkswagen Bugs who are desperate for parking.

While parking is in disarray the University should consider installing more bike racks and adding areas for motorcyclists.

By adding these necessities the University may also encourage students to continue being green –  and possibly invite more students to choose alternate modes of transportation even after the new parking lot is completed at the end of September.

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