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Pottermore transforms muggles into wizards

Christina Collins Burton
Editorial Director

After fans mourned the end of the eighth and final movie of the Harry Potter series, author J.K. Rowling announced the continuation of the series.

Her online creation, “Pottermore,” offers the fans that have been so devoted after 14 years the opportunity to be a part of the wizarding world.

Currently in beta testing until its opening in October, the site is being reviewed and perfected by a lucky million fans that gained early access by answering one of seven Harry Potter-based questions in early July.

As a devoted Harry Potter fan since my childhood, I could not pass up the opportunity to see the world that Rowling built so carefully and with so much attention.

Starting at number 14 Privet Drive, users follow the books and Harry’s journey from an 11-year-old boy to a hero of the wizarding world.

The site’s artwork is beautiful and is fully interactive.

Users are able to push further into the background of the art to find highlighted objects that contain bonus information when clicked on.

In-depth background stories are given on topics such as how Mr. and Mrs. Dursley first met, Professor McGonagall’s childhood and marriage and the original characters selected for the first draft of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

As if this was not enough of a treat, users are treated like students and given their first-year acceptance letter with a supply list attached.

Stepping onto virtual Diagon Alley’s cobbled street was one of the most exciting experiences of “Pottermore.”

After opening an account with Gringotts and making sure my list was in order, I set off to buy all of my school supplies, including a pet owl.

Details from potion ingredients to your school books are all included in the experience.

The final stop was by Ollivander’s Wand Shop for a short quiz to find out what kind of wand would choose me to be its wielder.

After a couple short questions, I was presented with a 14 and half inch wand made of ceder with a phoenix feather core.

Ollivander’s shop became my instant favorite because after discovering my own wand length, wood and core, I was able to read about the different combinations and in what ways each were significant.

Just like the wand, being sorted into a house is also handled by a short quiz that tests your character.

I could feel myself fidget in anticipation at the thought of discovering which house I would be sorted into.

The quiz presents questions regarding topics you excel at and tries to find your strengths and weaknesses as a wizard.

Remember to answer truthfully, because the hat’s decision is final.

From there your responsibility as a student is devoted to earning your house as many points as possible through potion brewing, wizard duels and by finding magical items hidden throughout the chapters.

As of right now, the only book open to the beta testers is “The Sorcerer’s Stone” but when the site opens all seven books will slowly be opened for true Potterheads to wander through.

Rowling has also announced that all seven of the books will be available as e-books for download once the site is fully operational.

Not only will fans be able to follow the journey of Harry Potter through artwork and interaction, but they will also be able to take the story with them on their handheld electronic devices.

Stand by for your acceptance letter, and pray Errol is not delivering it.

Christina Collins Burton can be reached at

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