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Rockstar nails bring a party to the fingertips

Stephanie Bennett, makeup artist and manicurist at Ricciolo Salon and Day Spa, gives the Rockstar treatment to her childhood friend, Kimberly Lee, by sprinkling three types of glitter to create a custom fingernail design. Bennett’s custom nail art business travels between La Verne and Capelli International Day Spa in Yorba Linda where she is manager. / photo by Andrew Vasquez

Alyssa Cole
Staff Writer

Move aside painted nails, “Rockstar” nails are lighting a new trend.

For those who think the standard solid color mani, pedi has lost some of its sparkle the Rockstar treatment will surely bring back the shine.

“It’s not everywhere, it’s creative and unique,” said Stephanie Bennett, makeup artist and manicurist at Ricciolo Salon and Day Spa in La Verne.

Rockstar nails combines a loose glitter with the gel-based style.

Gel nail polish is painted on and then put under a UV light to dry. It has no additional dry time, will not chip and is long lasting.

However, Rockstar nails have a slightly reversed manicure process.

First the nails are buffed to remove all roughness and flaws from the surface.

Next comes the application of glitter and gel polish that is baked on with a UV light which provides a lasting thickness and strength.

After the glitter has been applied the nails are soaked and the cuticles cleaned.

Finally, the nails are filed and are ready for the spotlight.

Rockstar nails also have the benefit of not smudging, which is a common hassle with traditional polish.

The glimmer and flicker of the Rockstar nails can last up to 6 weeks.

“You get your moneys worth, you don’t need to worry about it chipping once you walk out the door,” client Denice Vasquez said.

This new trend is fully customizable giving the client the creative license to come up with ideas that maybe the technician had not attempted before.

With the ability to do multiple colors, horizontal or diagonal patterns and even have letters spelling out words of choice, the creative possibilities are endless.

“I love that you can put yourself into them,” Katelyn Haynam, movement and sports science major, said.

Some may bypass the trend because of the extra cost.

The price ranges anywhere between $25 to $75 depending on how glamorous of a design the customer wants.

“I’m always willing to work with someone on price because it’s not about the profit, it’s about the artistry,” Bennett said.

A guaranteed longer lasting nail fix than most nail polishes makes the extra cost a secondary concern.

Rockstar nails bring a party to the fingertips with their flashy sparkle.

This incandescent accessary will have many doing a double take.

Rockstar nails are the newest investment for those wanting to pamper and liven their fingers and toes.

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