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Some buildings need ADA upgrade

Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez

Handicapped-friendly buildings on campus have incorporated ramps or elevators in and around the structure to allow easy access for handicapped students, but most buildings are still not up to par.

The campus is currently undergoing major renovations that aim to improve the aesthetics, functions and feel of the campus itself.

One of the more dramatic changes made was to the outside of Leo Hall, located at the southwest corner of Second and D Street. Instead of just stairs leading into the building, a handicap-friendly walkway with a handrail has been built.

The improvement to the outside of Leo Hall was much needed and now that it has occurred, entering the hall is much more convenient for the handicapped students of La Verne.

However, buildings such as Founders Hall, Miller Hall and the Arts and Communications Building are a little more challenging for those with limited mobility.

At most, these buildings have ramps or an elevator that is inconvenient to reach for the handicapped students of the University.

To reach the upper floors of Founders, a handicapped student would have to enter in the back door of Mainiero Hall to get to an elevator located near the front of the building in order to reach a classroom on any of the upper floors.

Miller Hall has only one elevator, located on the south side of the building, forcing students who need it to go out of their way.

Once the student reaches the top of the elevator, they to need to make their way across the building again to reach their classroom.

A handicapped student who has a class in the Arts and Communications Build­ing must go to the end of the building to reach a ramp that leads to a, sometimes, locked door, through the art department to reach an elevator to take them downstairs.

In order to be on time with fellow classmates, handicapped students need to take extra steps to ensure they are not late for their classes, an unfair process that needs to be reversed.

While the University is undergoing radical changes to make the campus more appealing to prospective students, it should also use its resources to make the campus more appealing to handicapped students.


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