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Starpool’s music teaches ska pride

Alyssa Cole
Staff Writer

Students swayed and chanted to the ska rock band Starpool.

On Sept. 21, the ska rock reggae band performed on the University of La Verne campus at Sneaky Park.

The group of seven has been performing together since 2003 and electrified the night with their fun lyrics and lively dance moves.

Although the crowd of students who attended was small, Starpool’s show was jam-packed with energy and it was not too long until they were able to bring the crowd to their feet with songs like “It’s Alright.”

“We feed off the crowd’s energy and that always helps,” lead singer Alan Meade said about the band’s performance.

The band achieved a cohesive mix of their rhythm, strings and horn sections, forming a sound familiar to any ska officianado

Their trombone and horn players’ heavy use of stocatto notes added much character to the music, and the crowd certainly responded.

At first, the audience was hesitant to lose themselves in the controlled frenzy of the band. However, after a few songs, the Leopards submitted themselves to the rhythmic fun of Starpool and took to the dance floor.

During one of the songs, students picked up Starpool band member Tbone Willy and placed him on their shoulders and danced in circles as he played the trombone.

It was obvious that the band was well in their years with experience and that they really enjoy interacting with their audience and drawing them closer to the music.

“They’re great musicians and great people,” attendee Jaime Rocha said, who has been friends with some of the band members for eight years.

Some music fans may be familiar with Starpoool’s lead singer, Adam Meade, for the time he spent in the band “No Doubt” for whom he played trumpet in the late 80’s.

Other members of Starpool also come from previous popular bands like “Save Ferris.”

You could tell many students had not heard of Starpool’s music before the event, but that did not stop them from throwing their hands in the air.

“They were very danceable,” senior liberal studies major Christian Winnewisser, said.

Winnewisser definitely was one of the first out on the floor moving to the beat, encouraging other students to let loose and bust a move to the music especially to the bands cover of “Shout.”

Some students that have attended the school for years were surprised and impressed to even see such a band on the University campus.

“La Verne has really transformed,” senior art major Alanzo Moreno said. “This is the best band I have heard at La Verne.”

Campus Activities Board provided pizza for all who attended the event, but there was not any seating.

Some complained about there not being any drinks to compliment the pizza that was offered.

“The turn-out was amazing for this being our first show, next time we will have drinks,” junior CAB chair and english major Ally Schultz said.

If you missed Starpool you don’t have to worry, stay tuned for more exciting events like this throughout the school year hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

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