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ULV needs to grow smarter

As progress on the new dorms continues and the successful opening of the long-awaited parking lot earlier this week, it looks as if the University of La Verne is growing at a steady pace.

However, the appearance of growth through construction is not the only thing we have to be concerned with. Even though admissions enrolled the same number of students this year as last, we still have an over-crowded campus.

With each new group of freshmen admitted to La Verne, class sizes have suffered and administration in turn is slowly tacking on higher standards as requirements for admittance.

Praised for being one of the best schools by Forbes magazine two years in a row, La Verne’s standards must rise past their 880 SAT score minimum if they want to truly admit the best quality of students and continue being called one of the best schools.

While the University is still working on its requirements of students, it faces the separate problem of making sure every one of them can fit comfortably on campus.

The new dorms, while helpful and anticipated by many on campus, should have been started after a parking lot could be either constructed or expanded to make up for the parking that was lost when they broke ground.

Still mainly as commuter campus, it is far more important that we have spaces for students to park so they do not have to park on the streets of the neighborhoods in La Verne, rather than advertise that we will eventually have 378 more beds.

Now that the parking lot is finally open, it is both a blessing and a curse. We now have available spaces that are much needed but the employee shuttles will also be stopping today.

Originally meant to relieve some of the stress of parking, the shuttle system is relied on by students and faculty to get on campus in a timely manner and not have to spend 20 minutes circling packed lots.

The only time that the shuttle system will return is during Homecoming weekend to help with crowd control on campus.

Once the dorms are finished and the parking lots filled, hopefully La Verne will plan any other construction in a timely manner and increase their standards so that the current University population will not suffer.

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