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Updated MyLaverne portal lacks clarity

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Anthony Juarez
Staff Writer

In an informal survey, 10 out of 14 students said they do not like the updated website MyLaVerne 2.0.

This is the first semester that the updated portal has been available.

“It’s not so user-friendly,” said Jacob Acevedo, a senior business administration major.

“It’s kind of weird. I don’t like it because you have to log in twice.”

The MyLaVerne 2.0 site states “MyLaVerne 2.0 campus portal integrates MyLaVerne, Exchange E-mail, student Gmail, Blackboard and Banner Self Service so users can access the information and services they need through a single sign-on.”

“I think I used it once to print out a syllabus and it was so complicated; I hated it,” Ann Tabangcura, junior psychology major said.

Many students and faculty are finding the new portal less than convenient.

“They have confirmed my password four times, and it has not been working,” said Jeffery Carman, a new writing professor.

“I have used the old MyLaVerne, and I like that better,” said Carman.

“It takes longer to get in the other one than the old one,” said Benjamin Balderrama Jr., a senior psychology major.

When clicking onto the MyLaVerne button, it gives you the option of being directed to the new portal or going to the old version instead.

“I use the direct button to the old one and skip 2.0,” said Balderrama.

Bypassing MyLaVerne 2.0 to use the old portal defeats the purpose of the change and leaves many wondering if any changes will be made.

“It looks a lot better with multiple sites, but it is so much of a hassle,” Michael Ryan Cesena said, a sophomore from Ontario.

Once a feature such as Gmail is clicked on a new window pops up, which leaves more than one tab open at the same time causing clutter and frustration.

A minority of students said keeping the school oriented websites together is a helpful change.

“I like it. I like the tabs for Blackboard, Gmail and iTunes,” said Mark Lopez, a freshman mathematics major.

“It’s new and easier for me to have everything on one page,” Lopez said.

“I think it looks more professional and up-to-date,” said Daisy Aldana, a junior anthropology major.

“La Verne should eliminate the old version,” Aldana said.

With renovations for a new residential hall, facilities for athletics and a new parking structure a new portal fits in with the multiple updates. However, as expected some changes are not always welcome.

“I’m used to using Blackboard and MyLaVerne separately,” said William Krickl, a sophomore psychology major.

Krickl said there was no need for a change, and if he saw a trial run beforehand then it would be easier for him to use the new portal.

During Orientation Week a seminar was held to familiarize students with the change. About 80 freshmen and transfer students attended the workshop.

“Once you’ve upgraded, you can’t downgrade,” said Krickl.

Although starting a new portal was designed with the obvious goal of aiding students and faculty, the upgrade is being taken in the opposite direction.

MyLaVerne 2.0 does welcome feedback for students and faculty that wish to help nudge the website in a more efficient direction.

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