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Women flock to new feather trend

Stephanie Sommers, an employee at Primped Salon & Boutique located on Foothill Boulevard, got a feather extension added to her collection. The salon, owned by Joy Campbell, offers new hairstyles, perms, supplies and even clamp-in feather extensions. The feather extentions come in a variety of shapes and sizes starting at $5 each. / photo by Brittney Slater-Shew

Ashley Lyn Sourapas
Staff Writer

Feather hair pieces are a fast growing trend, both permanent “clamp-in” feathers and temporary “clip-on” feathers are here to stay for the fall season according styling experts and retailers.

“The trend started with the Native Americans, they are timeless,” said Ellen Lee, specialist in top quality accessories from Bedazzle Your Style.

“I feel connected to the earth when I’m wearing my feather,” said Lee.

Native Americans have used feather headdresses for centuries in rituals and for other symbolic meanings.

“Steven Tyler from ‘American Idol’ really started the motion to bring back this trend.”

Feather hair pieces range from $15 to $25 depending on the quality and size of the feathers. These accessories come in various sizes, thickness and colors.

The clamp-in is a more permanent option and is placed in by a stylist, and is later removed by a stylist.

“With the clamp-in you can routinely wash and style your hair. It’s just like a bird in different weather elements,” Lee said.

The clip-on option is removable and can be placed anywhere you wish with no commitment. As opposed to the clamp-in, the clip-on feathers usually last up to three months depending on the wear and tear.

“Clip-on feathers have become more popular because of their versatility,” said Annette Largent, hair stylist at VIP Salon located in San Dimas.

The feather comes from a rooster, similar to what a fly-fishermen would use as bait.

Rooster feathers are very durable and last the longest when compared with other feathers.

“The feathers have become more expensive due to the high demand for the rooster feathers,” Largent said.

Most high-end salons provide feather hair piece services. Some of these local salons include Primped salon and boutique and Salon VIP.

Retailers such as Nordstrom, Claire’s and Urban Outfitters carry a wide variety of different sizes, colors and shapes of the clip-on feathers.

“Feathers add texture and color to the hair with no damage and no chemicals,” Largent said.

The feathers represent a carefree attitude while being fashionable and artistic.

Women and men of all ages are turning to feathers to express their creativity.

Celebrities such as Steven Tyler, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff and Jennifer Love Hewitt all have shown their love for feather hair pieces.

“It’s all about creating a look and making a fashion statement,” movement and sports science major Kelsey Sergison said.

“I prefer the natural looking feathers rather than the bright colored feathers; the feather should accentuate the hair, not the other way around.”

With this season’s new fall collections out from the leading designers, feathers can be seen in many more accessories such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even handbags.

“Feathers are the perfect pairing to make an outfit more edgy,” said Sergison.

Whether the feathers are neon or natural, clamp-in or clip-on, feathers are this season’s must-have accessory for any outfit.

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