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Athletes’ travel should be on ULV

Many of La Verne’s athletic teams fundraise so that they can travel to far away places and stay overnight. This is extra work that the student athletes do not need to deal with.

La Verne is a private university, meaning the expenses to attend are quite steep compared with the state’s publicly funded California State or University of California systems.

With such high tuition, one would think that there is enough money to go around, an example being to allow the athletic teams to travel without using money out of their own pocket.

Every team has enough money in its budget to travel and stay overnight once per season, but many have the opportunity to travel and stay overnight more than once.

If a team made it to the NCAA playoffs and was scheduled to play in another state or anywhere too far to commute, the money to make this trip comes from the work of the student athletes who already worked hard enough to reach the NCAA playoffs in the first place.

Also, if a team travels anywhere and does not or cannot use a form of ground transportation, such as a bus or a van, the team must fundraise to make the trip.

It is ridiculous that a school that receives so much money from its students cannot use whatever portion necessary to make sure athletes can travel as needed.

The student athletes already spend a lot of money on tuition and do not need to come up with even more money.

Moreover, La Verne has no set bylaws that prevent it from providing the necessary funds for travelling and staying overnight, even on more than one occasion.

“An institution may provide actual and necessary travel expenses (e.g., transportation, lodging and meals) to a student athlete who is eligible for intercollegiate competition, provided the student athlete departs for the competition no earlier than 48 hours prior to the start of the actual competition and remains no more than 36 hours following the conclusion of the actual competition even if the student athlete does not return with the team,” according to the NCAA Division III manual.

While it is not mandated, La Verne should provide the necessary travel expenses for each and every one of its 19 athletic teams to travel whatever distance, no matter how many times per season.

The student athletes of La Verne already do their part by working hard to earn the right to travel away from home and should not be forced to work even harder to do so.

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