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‘Bobathon’ exhibit raises funds

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Tennille Wright
Staff Writer

Finger foods and fine wine was the serving choice for the “Bobathon” exhibition at the Southern California Artists Project Gallery during Pomona’s bi-weekly artwalk.

Southern California Artist Project Gallery, located in downtown Pomona, is a nonprofit organization.

The goal of the organization is to trigger new ideas and educate people on the arts.

The SCA members include people of all ages who share the same passion to create and inspire others.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for people young and old,” SCA Board President Jeff Steinberg said.

The art walk brought local residents and visitors from nearby cities to the downtown area.

Many made their way to SCA’s gallery and were impressed with the warm hospitality.

“I love how nice everyone has been,” attendee Nicole Lindsay said.

College professors also brought their students to the exhibition.

“The pieces are very interesting,” attendee Phuong Prieu said, a student at Santa Ana Community College.

Prieu attended the exhibit with his professor and classmates.

The “Bobathon” exhibition includes a variety of art in various colors and textures.

More than 160 pieces were presented.

Each were displayed neatly along the walls with colored Post-it notes attached that indicate the price of the item.

The current show is part of an effort to raise funds for Bob Pece.

Pece is a member of the organization and was involved in a car accident, in which he sustained injuries to his leg.

The fundraiser will raise money by selling donated art.

SCA generally hosts juried shows, which means, potential participants must submit their work to be judged.

The jury decides if the submitted art will be displayed in the gallery.

The gallery allows both members and non-members to submit their work.

Due to the special circumstances surrounding the exhibition, the “Bobathon” was not a juried show.

Instead it was open to anyone who wished to display his or her work.

“Many people wanted to help out,” Steinberg said.

The organization hopes to raise money to assist Pece with financial losses and unexpected expenses he has incurred because of the accident.

The prices of the artwork range from $25 to $200.

Pece also contributed a few pieces of his own art to be displaced at the “Bobathon.”

The “Bobathon” exhibition will host its final reception from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Oct. 29.

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