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Exhibit revisits medieval artwork

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Veronica Rodriguez
Staff Writer

The 57 Underground gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony is currently showcasing the “Fantasy” exhibit composed of abstract, fantasy and medieval styles of paintings.

The exhibit features four artists Jeanne Anderson, Barbara McLaughlin, Rick McGregor and Mary Hughes.

Paintings range from skeletons with snakes around them and a man lying in a tub, to paintings of women working the fields of Africa.

The 57 Underground gallery is a co-op gallery in Pomona. Each artist is able to display his or her work once a year.

The exhibit had an eclectic assortment of works.

There are other galleries in the building, so there are many different paintings surrounding you.

Although the exhibit is under one title, all four artists have unique styles that make their work identifiable.

A painting created by Hughes has a large tree in the center with hues of blue.

Hughes said she always knew she was going to be an artist.

She has been painting since she was in the fourth grade.

The painting resembles the Awah tree in the movie “Avatar” with its mystical vibe.

Hughes says she likes to hide objects in her paintings so people can find their own meaning to it.

She makes life flow and change within her paintings and that is where her inspiration comes from.

Hughes describes herself as a layerist because she likes the idea of different textures and different techniques.

Anderson lived in Africa for 23 years where she farmed for her food.

Her images show tribal women at work.

One particular painting titled “Kikuyu Woman Carrying Firewood” shows a woman in different tones of brown carrying a large amount of firewood on her back.

The woman is almost tilted forward because the firewood is heavy.

She can identify with the women in her paintings because they carry immense responsibilities in their small communities as she had lived a farmer’s lifestyle in her own homeland.

The paintings are in darker brown tones in contrast with the next set of paintings that are very light and colorful.

McGregor’s paintings have a vibrant mixture of primary colors that include reds, blues, greens and more.

His paintings depict snakes and skulls.

McGregor’s works resemble stained glass windows in catholic churches.

The images illustrate women wearing medieval clothing; a popular theme in his works.

“Rick is elaborately medieval; his work is wonderful, colorful and extremely detailed,” artist Doug Ward said.

McLaughlin’s abstract paintings included black and darker, bold-colored strokes across the image.

In the distance of the picture, the viewer can see an object that appears to be a man. The objects in the shadows of the lines have a brighter color that stand out from the lines.

Ward does not have a favorite, but he likes that each artists has a distinct taste.

The “Fantasy” exhibition will be at the 57 Underground gallery until Oct. 29.

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