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First Person Experience: Knott’s is now not so scary

Sarah Sleeger
Staff Writer

Knott’s Scary Farm has been one of Southern California’s favorite spots to enjoy the spirit of Halloween for years.

Since its creation, people have flocked to the park that offers a scary good time.

However, with competitors that have really amped up the screams, Knotts has been falling behind.

The park was sufficiently full when I attended, but not like in years past.

The park is set up with a mix of different mazes and four scare zones throughout the park.

The monsters and characters linger in their designated areas, hidden in the fog, waiting to jump out on sliders and scare the attendees.

A few years back, the monsters decided to steal my shoe as it flew off my foot when they scared me. I turned out to be the chaser rather than the chasee to get my shoe back. Safe to say I did not wear sandals again this time.

This year, there were three new mazes with 10 veteran mazes returning.

“Endgames: Warriors of Apocalypse” featured an arena-type set up where gladiators fought to be the last standing warrior at the world’s end.

The other two new mazes were “Delirium” and “Invasion Beneath.”

“Delirium” was a wasteland with a concept that came straight out of a nightmare you only wish you could forget.

While “Invasion Beneath” took strange creatures coming from Earth’s core, it had no real scare factor and felt more like a mellow train ride through a mine rather than a heart-pumping maze.

The “Doll Factory,” a popular maze for a few years now, scared me the most.

I am terrified of dolls and they did their job of scaring me. Cue in the creepy doll music playing throughout the maze and you have a successful scare.

Some of the other returning mazes included: “Terror of London,” “Sleepy Hollow Mountain,” “Lockdown,” “Virus Z,” “Slaughterhouse” and “Cornstalkers.”

A big attraction, and one of my favorites, was “The Hanging” which is a stage show that was directed to spoof the recent news going on in the world, with a twist.

It featured popular celebrity stories and gossip intertwined with movies, entertainment and humor. Last year it featured Barack Obama and a parody of Disney’s World of Color.

This year Arnold Schwarzenegger, Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen were on topic, as well as many others.

With the news surrounding these celebrities, everything you can guess at has been inserted into the show.

I found it to be a hilarious show and a great break from the scary side of the park.

It also provides much needed entertainment for the ones who do not feel like waiting in lines for the mazes.

Overall, if you have not attended Knott’s Scary Farm, I would encourage you to go for the experience.

However, if you have already attended, the price this year is a little high to see the same characters and mazes with minimal scares.

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