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Gameology hosts card tournaments, game nights

Karlie Bettencourt
Staff Writer

Trading card games are becoming more popular in the college demographic and the local game store, Gameology, is getting more business because of it.

Gameology is a store in Montclair that is geared towards those who play trading card and strategy games where they can participate in tournaments and various game nights.

“There has definitely been an increase in college students,” store manager Stew Wattson said.

“The students that come are definitely recruiting to get more players to come in.”

“I come to Gameology about two times a week,” said Jason Gray, a student at Westwood College. “It is a good place for kids to come and spend their time. It keeps them out of trouble.”

Gameology opened in Claremont in April 2006, but moved to Montclair in 2009.

Since then, the most popular game at Gameology has become Magic: The Gathering, a trading card game where the person who is playing is called a planeswalker, a magician with the ability to travel through different planes of reality.

The different planes that a planeswalker can go to are seen through the cards in the planswalker’s deck. The cards also consist of spells that can be cast and creatures that can be summoned to aid a planeswalker in battle against other planeswalkers.

Gameology holds a standard Magic: the Gathering tournament at 6 p.m. every Friday.

To get into the tournament is $5, but if you buy $20 or more worth of Magic merchandise you get a card to get in for free.

On Wednesday evenings Gameology also hosts casual Magic: The Gathering, where players can get together to play without a tournament or a price for playing.

“I like Magic most because it is easy to learn and play,” store employee Justin Hernandez said.

“It also has a diverse player base because the game has been around a while.”

Gameology also hosts Yu-Gi-Oh! playing nights on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The other major trading card game is Pokémon.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game has been around since 1999 and even set a world record in 2009 for being the top selling trading card game worldwide.

“I like Magic more than Yu-Gi-Oh! because you have to be into Yu-Gi-Oh! to like the trading card game,” Hernandez said. “It follows the show, so if the show sucks, then the cards suck.”

Though Gameology does not have a designated night for players, they sell the cards in the store and players are always welcome to come in and start up a game.

“If you want to meet fun people, play Pokémon,” Wattson said.

“If you want to be guaranteed a game with the kinks worked out, play Magic: The Gathering. If you want to beat up on 12-year-olds, play Yu-Gi-Oh!.”

For those who are not interested in trading cards or roleplaying games, strategy board games are available for purchase or to be checked out and played either in the store or to take home and play all week.

A calendar and list of events can be found at

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