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Granny’s Yogurt livens up downtown

Freshman art major Keoni Colson shares a frozen treat with Ariel Le at Granny’s Yogurt on Monday. Granny’s Yogurt, located on the corner of D and Third streets in downtown La Verne, offers a large variety of yogurt flavors and toppings. Customers serve themselves and pay by the ounce. In addition, the store offers boba teas, smoothies and cold drinks. / photo by Scott Mirimanian

Brianna Means
Staff Writer

For years frozen yogurt has been a popular snack, and now La Verne has the perfect place for people to get their yogurt fix.

Granny’s Yogurt has been in business in San Pedro for one year and the La Verne location is the second to open.

Eric Lem, manager of Granny’s Yogurt, said they liked the small town feel and were drawn in by the friendly people who inhabit the city.

Much like other frozen yogurt places such as Yogurtland and Tutti Frutti, Granny’s Yogurt is self-serve.

Customers can select the size of the cup that they want, choose the flavors of yogurt they want and the toppings.

The flavors include Oompa Loompa’s Chocolate, Devine Velvet, California Cheesecake, Go! Go! Mango, Purple Me Taro and many more interesting flavors. Toppings include mochi, fruit, assorted candy and fresh baked goods.

If two flavors are connected to the same machine, customers can pull the middle handle to get a mix of the flavors such as red velvet and cheesecake.

After selecting what they want the customers pay based on the weight of the overall product.

“We actually started as a donut shop so what sets us apart from other frozen yogurt places is that we use fresh baked goods such as donut holes, macaroons and cookies as possible toppings for our customers to choose from,” Lem said.

“Granny’s Yogurt is an extension of our donut shop in San Pedro,” Lem said.

“We bring in the baked goods from our donut shop to both of our yogurt shops.”

“I am so glad Granny’s Yogurt opened,” sophomore political science major Monique Osorio said.

“I used to have to drive to Claremont for frozen yogurt and now there is a place to get it right here in La Verne.”

The shop has a retro appearance to it with light fixtures and stools that use the color scheme of the 1960s and 1970s.

“I love Granny’s Yogurt, I think it is a nice addition to downtown La Verne,” Osorio said.

“It is different from anything else on D Street and a great place to stop for a cool and refreshing bite to eat.”

However, some feel that Granny’s Yogurt is just a part of the hype since it is new and the dessert is popular right now.

“I do not think it is that great when you compare it to other frozen yogurt places,” sophomore political science major Licett Figueroa said.

“I think the fact that it is new is what draws people to it, but people will be over it in a few months.”

Granny’s Yogurt is located on the intersection of D and Third Street.

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