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Hearing from the other 99

The leaderless protest group “Occupy Wall Street” has entered its third week of demonstrations. The protests, which began on Sept. 17, have for the most part been peaceful, drawing in crowds of thousands to New York City’s Zuccotti Park.

The group assembled to protest the injustices the top one percent had made against the “other 99 percent.”

According to the group’s website their demands include: free college education, open borders immigration, equal rights despite gender and race, debt forgiveness and universal healthcare. Other protesters have claimed that they are protesting high gas prices and others hope to save the middle class.

Without a doubt these protesters are brave, especially those who have spent numerous nights camping out in Zuccotti Park.

They have the right to protest just as much as any American citizen. However, if they hope to make any real change they must create a clear and focused set of goals.

Large-scale protests such as those in the Middle East had a clear goal, which was usually toppling a dictator, and moving their government closer to democracy.

Another issue protesters faced was the NYPD. Last week, 700 protesters were corralled onto the Brooklyn Bridge after they attempted to cross it. Police officers arrested and cited all 700 people that attempted to cross the bridge.

Officers claimed that protesters were obstructing traffic, whether true or not, they were wrong to arrest the group of people. The people arrested were only the first part of a larger group of people who planned to cross the bridge.

There were also cases of officers pepper spraying protesters. On Wednesday night, global revolution began streaming live footage of an officer in white swinging his baton at a crowd of people.

The video showed what appeared to be a peaceful crowd of protesters armed with cameras photographing and filming, being harassed by one officer.

For those who wish to become part of the movement, Occupy Los Angeles began on Saturday with a march beginning in Pershing Square and, like Occupy Wall Street, will run indefinitely.

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