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Several beers pour into Claremont

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John Bottala
Staff Writer 

The California Beer Festival brought thousands of people out to the Claremont Village for four live bands, mouth-watering food and 60 craft brews on tap.

This is the second consecutive year the Village has hosted this event, with many visitors coming back for the second year.

Some proceeds from the festival go to the Gen Giammanco Foundation, which provides financial support for student athletes to succeed in academics and athletics.

“This is the best event that the Village has had in years,” Lori Chasen, a Claremont resident, said.

“It brings lots of people from all over to drink lots of great beer. Wherever there is a beer festival, I am going. I love and need beer,” Chasen said.

There were beers from all over the country with many locally brewed.

One of the most popular beers there was the Hanger-24 Orange wheat, a micro brew from Redlands.

“Orange Wheat is similar to a Blue Moon but much lighter and tastier,” said Chris Garcia, a vendor at the Hanger-24 booth.

“It is an American Wheat beer brewed with organic whole wheat, and 100 percent locally grown oranges added throughout the beer making process.”

Hanger-24 Brewery has all types of beer to cater to consumers’ needs with seven different types of beer from a Lager to an IPA.

Starting in the next few months supermarket chains such as Stater Bros, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s will start stocking Hanger-24.

“This is a great way to promote our beer. In the last six months our company hired 50 percent more people due to people recognizing this wonderful beer’s name,” Garcia said.

Evans Premium Lager, also gained attention with 60 people waiting deep in line.

“Last year this beer did not get this much attention,” Dino Pedroza, a second time attendee from Mountclair said.

“I can’t believe how long this line is, but the good thing is you can finish your other beer while standing in line,” Pedroza said.

The beer festival had plenty of lounges where attendees could sit and enjoy their beer while listening to the band.

“This is my first time coming to the beer festival, I love trying new things so I thought I would come,” Sunny Amin, a graduate from Cal State Fullerton, said.

“What is better than watching beautiful women drink beautiful beer? I love these lounge couches, you can just sit back and people watch.”

Honeymoon Truckstop, a local band out of the Claremont area headlined the festival.

“This band rocks, they play in some local bars in Claremont,” Pedroza said.

During their setlist Honeymoon Truckstop quoted Benjamin Franklin saying “Beer is proof that God Loves us and wants us to be happy.”

“This band has got some great stuff, perfect for a beer festival,” Joseph Olender, a Cal State Los Angeles Student from Pasadena, said.

A big hit was a barbeque food truck called “Its all in the sauce” which had a line of people.

“Their tri-trip sandwich is really good, and is really reasonable for how much food they give you,” Mario Lima, a resident from Montclair said.

There were many other food vendors such as Pop Chips, Espian’s, Eddies Pizza and Eureka Burgers.

“The beer festival was a big success; you can count me in next year,” Olender said.

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