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Vampires drain the market as supernatural themes invade popular culture

Christina Collins Burton
Managing Editor

Halloween is a time of ghosts, scares and the paranormal to come to the front of everyone’s mind and surround themselves with the unknown world of the supernatural.

The supernatural genre has grown steadily in the limelight over the years, capturing people’s imagination and fascination with the unknown.

“I love the suspense,” junior child development major Andrea Arceo said. “I like thinking that it could actually happen.”

From the first mention of the words magic, vampire and werewolf, a vast majority of people were hooked into the genre.

Starting out as simple myths passed down through the generations, people have always had a fascination with the unknown world of the paranormal.

Classic novels such as Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein,” and the 1922 German film “Nosferatu” latched onto people’s fears and superstitions to increase their fascination with the topic.

Today, the genre continues to have a huge influence on the young adult books and television.

Many bookstores have a separate shelf that solely features paranormal romances, magic or vampire novels appropriate for all ages.

After the success of the “Twilight” and “Harry Potter” series, many readers began looking for the next story to hold their interest.

“I liked Twilight so I would just go to the vampire section and read the back of the books to see which ones I liked,” sophomore liberal arts major Kelley Meggulli said.

The allure of a new story to follow has many active readers asking friends and stores for suggested titles to keep entertained.

“With movies you can see the action, but with books you can go anywhere you want with it,” Meggulli said. “You can make it as dramatic as you want it.”

But the genre does not remain between the pages of books.

With shows like “True Blood,” fans of the series are able to watch the characters they read about come to life.

By itself, “True Blood” explores the many different types of fantasy scenarios and has the relatable main characters as vampires.

Though scandalous in some episodes involving very graphic sex scenes and complicated love triangles, it has become one of the most watched shows on air right now.

Starting out strong in 1990s, shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Charmed,” and “Angel” set this fandom with a bang.

These shows and ones like it enticed viewers with the unknown world of witches and ghosts.

This trend continues into the entertainment of today with shows like “The Ghost Whisperer” and “Supernatural” which just started its seventh season on the CW network.

“They just keep on getting more creative,” junior theater arts major Jose Arias said. “They go into so much different fantasy stuff that I get drawn into everything.”

With titles stacking up and new shows set to premiere showcasing the weird and unknown, it is no wonder why the genre has such a loyal following and is on a constant upswing.

“I want to be in some of the supernatural stuff. If people believe in God, I can believe in the supernatural.” Arias said.

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