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Artist silk-screens historical figures

Ashley Sourapas
Staff Writer

Bunny Gunner art gallery in downtown Pomona has been showcasing artist Oscar Magallanes’ “Heuristic” exhibit this past month, and continued through Nov. 8 with a technique called silk screening.

Magallanes is a passionate artist who depicts historic revolutionary figures. He is inspired by people who have influenced him, socially and culturally from his upbringing.

Magallanes grew up in Duarte and continues to create his artwork at his studio in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. He currently lives in Pomona.

The gallery consists of 12 impressive silk-screened images of Chief Sitting Bull, Malcolm X, Frida Kahlo, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Pancho Villa, Nelson Mandela, Angela Davis, Cesar Chavez, John F. Kennedy, David Alfaro Siquerios, Martin Luther King Jr. and Camandante Ramona.

“It is exciting knowing that someone with such a unique artistic ability is inspired by the same historic figures as I am myself,” said Eric Wright, a senior majoring advertising at Cal State Fullerton.

According to Juan Thorp, owner of Bunny Gunner, this show was very different than others in the past that he has shown because all of his art is silk-screened.

According to Wright, the detail in the expressions of each historic individual is impeccable and definitely worth seeing and purchasing.

Two receptions were held along with the downtown Pomona art walk and brought a lot of art lovers out to see the gallery.

“The gallery was filled with family, friends and art walk participants,” said Thorp. “It was a great turn out.”

Magallanes’ is not afraid to depict controversial images to connect to his viewers on race, immigration, homelessness and society issues.

“I go to art shows to feel like I belong,” said Wright. “In a world full of empty promises and wrong doing, it is nice to have a place to escape to.”

Magallanes’ passion for art creates conversation pieces for his views to enjoy and elaborate on.

“I was walking by Bunny Gunner and saw the master sheets from the window and was intrigued to stop in,” said Eric Jacobson, an Upland resident.

Jacobson purchased a 13-inch-by-20-inch print of Frida Kahlo for his wife as a surprise present and also had it framed by Bunny Gunner.

The images come in two different sizes, 13-inch-by-20-inch for $50 and 26-inch-by-40-inch for $350. There are only 40 duplicates of each individual image. Box sets are also available and include a professional and impressive-looking box with all 12 13-inch-by-20-inch images for $800.

For more information on Oscar Magallanes’ “Heuristic” or Bunny Gunner art galleries and upcoming events, visit

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