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Raise endowment, not tuition

On Nov. 4 the Board of Trustees approved a 6.5 percent undergraduate tuition increase for the 2012-2013 academic year. Reasons for this increase range from a need to sustain education programs to improve the image of the University.

For the 2011-2012 school year, tuition at the University of La Verne approximates $31,300. This is compared to Chapman at about $40,234, Pepperdine at about $40,752 and USC costing approximately $42,818.

With these numbers it is plain to see that ULV is much cheaper than other universities; however, the question is does this make the University’s education look cheap as well. Paying more to attend a certain university does not promise a better education. Many current students at ULV were attracted by a private education for a lower price. If they wanted to pay more they would have gone to one of the private schools listed.

Hoping that a larger price tag will add to the value of a ULV degree can be understood to a small extent. If the Board of Trustees really wanted to increase the University’s prominence, having higher acceptance standards for freshmen and transfer students would be a great place to start.

Furthermore, this tuition increase does not take into account the current financial climate. The National Center for Education Statistics a 2007-2008 study shows that 38.5 percent of all undergraduate students are using loans to help pay for their education. Over the years this number has increased as well as the amount of debt students are incurring.

Rather than adding more difficulties in a student’s quest for higher education, the University should fundraise to harvest more revenue.

La Verne should look for real donations as opposed to relying on alumni and faculty to fund the student’s futures. Donations received would offset the cost that would help build programs such as the La Verne Experience because currently half of the 6.5 percent increase is allocated to building such programs.

Donations apart from alumni and the Spotted Pig would help La Verne financially without having to make current Leos disgruntled. Furthermore, having noteworthy donors would increase the overall prestige of the University.

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