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ULV campus needs a break

Editorial cartoon by Anthony Juarez

Thanksgiving is inching closer and teasing students with the dream of vacation. The long weekend gives the campus two extra days of relaxing before dumping them back into the workload leading up to finals.

The University of La Verne, unlike some other universities, does not grant students and faculty a fall break for recovery from the beginning of the year.

After burning the midnight oil all semester, many students need time to replenish their supply and get some real work done without having to worry about running to class to receive their next big project.

At this point in the semester, many students are buried under papers and projects that either need to be turned in right before or after Thanksgiving break. It is stressful because they have no time to enjoy the holiday with their family.

During spring semester, the weeklong party that is spring break gives students and professors a chance to spend time at home and visit with family or offers them an opportunity to travel. Once school resumes there is a long stretch of time without a vacation, but the campus is able to face it head on because of the week-long break.

This stress can also apply to professors who assign this workload. While important for their student’s future careers, there is always the wonder of how many tests, projects and papers are piled up to be graded when down time finally rolls around for them as well.

Instead of getting the chance to fully enjoy the four-day weekend the campus is given, they get a day of food with family and then have to prepare for when Monday rolls around and beckons them back to the classroom.

Fall break, even if it is just spent playing catch-up with assignments, would give the campus the time it needs to recharge and relax before running head first into finals at the end of the semester. If we had the vacation time, finals would not be taken at a dead run and would not be dreaded so much in the winter. Many students face finals week as one giant groan of burnout before the freedom that is granted at the end of the semester.

In order to make room for a fall break, La Verne could start the semester a few days sooner, or end a couple days later. Even making Thanksgiving break a full week would at least give students a recovery period to look forward to and have enough time to breathe between the two halves of a busy semester.

Before an over-worked chemistry student sets fire to their workspace, the campus should give them the chance.

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