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Art Collective serves as creative outlet

Junior organizational management major Sean Kelly, senior movement and sports science major DeAntwann Johnson and senior speech communications major Connor Eckert share their creativity through painting their partners’ eyes in the Art Collective. / photo by Brittney Slater-Shew

Grace Casale
Staff Writer

The Art Collective is a new group for students who are into the arts, but might have majors in other disciplines.

Its members do poetry, music, drawing and design as creative outlets.

Sociology major Shannon Garcia first got the idea and met with now-adviser John Bartelt, professor of education technology, about it.

“It sounded intriguing and after we all met as a group, you can tell (they) have great personalities and are interested in creativity,” Bartelt said.

The collective “is a place where we can get together and feel free to share,” Garcia said. A place where we can listen to other ideas and visions and hang out and be ourselves.”

This club is a place to facilitate creativity and explore the freedom of self-expression through the arts.

“Everyone needs some sort of outlet and in this group, art is the way to exhibit that,”  Bartelt said. “Creative expression, especially in school is so important,”

“There is no real limit to what we do,” club member Eric Fernandez said. “Just the more people we have on board, the more we can achieve.”

The group is open to new members. There is no requirement for anyone to have any artistic talent whatsoever.

“Only interest and enthusiasm,” Garcia said. “You do not really have to be an artist or have experience. Just come with an open mind,”

Another goal of group’s members is to try to get involved with the younger generation and allow them to enjoy the arts as well.

The group is thinking about getting involved with YMCA groups, public schools and other groups for kids.

“To help express ourselves is to better ourselves, and by that we ultimately impact the community,” Fernandez said.

The group meets at noon every Friday in the Arts and Communi­cations Building.

Each time they meet they try to do a different type of art project together.

“Hardly any of the meetings are planned,” Garcia said. “We go off each other’s creativity and talents,”

“I just want people to know that anyone and everyone is welcome,”  club member Hailey Duvall said.

“People can even just come watch. We want as many people as possible to come and just hang out together,” she said.

For the end of spring semester, the group is planning to host an exhibit of the work they’ve done this year.

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