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Rethinking priority registration

With registration for the next academic semester coming to a close, students have worked on organizing their necessary courses into a tight time schedule.

Seniors have the first day to register and the other classes follow; however, ASULV and CAB students have the luxury of priority registration where they can sign up for classes on the first day.

ASULV and CAB students are not the only ones to receive priority registration. Honors students also have the privilege to register on the same day as seniors.

However, Honors students have to take extra classes and need priority registration in order to make sure they are able to graduate on time.

The problem with members of the school government and planning committee receiving priority registration is the fact that their organizations are not connected with academics.

Nick Sloot, president of ASULV, said that the reason for the priority registration is because there are set meeting times that the students have to weave around their other classes. Sloot said these meeting times cannot be changed so it is easier for students to work around this block.

ASULV and CAB are essentially clubs; an extracurricular activity that accompanies a student’s education. Putting the necessities of students in these clubs ahead of students who need classes for purely academic reasons is ridiculous to say the least.

Students who have jobs know the stress of having to budget a class schedule around work hours. Seeing as ASULV and CAB are paid members puts them in the category of having work-study with University. If students have jobs outside of school and are not given priority registration to ease their chance of getting classes then neither should those apart of ASULV or CAB.

Sloot said that once students are members of ASULV and have reached the end of the semester, they are informed that they have the benefit of priority registration. This is so the priority registration is not an incentive for students to join.

Not brandishing priority registration is smart because it brings in students who genuinely want to take part in the organization. However, there is nothing keeping students from staying on board for just that reason.

ASULV and CAB should be held by the same standards and given the same opportunities as the rest of the student body that participates in extracurricular activities, which means no priority registration for reasons not pertaining to academics.

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