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Safety should expand with campus

Anyone who has visited other college campuses has probably seen the towers with a bright blue light on top. These towers are emergency response systems put in place around the campus so students have a quick way of seeking help if put in any danger.

Many college campuses have emergency response systems that include emergency response buttons or call boxes.

As we expand, the University should begin implementing these types of emergency response systems.

Currently in the event of an emergency, Campus Safety can be reached from a campus phone by calling extension 6666, or 909-448-4950 from off-campus phones.

If someone on campus felt threatened they could call either number but the emergency tower system would be quicker and more effective.

On campuses where this service is available, once the button on the emergency tower is pressed, the person is connected to a dispatcher and a member of campus safety is sent to the location of the tower.

Although La Verne is a relatively small campus and the La Verne Police Department is our neighbor to the north, it would be nice to give the students and faculty extra peace of mind.

There are many reasons that we have not had the system installed previously.

In addition, Campus Safety patrols the campus 24/7 and offers rides to students who do not feel comfortable traversing campus alone.

Despite the multiple and auto thefts and burglaries over the years, the University has not had any reported physical attacks since 2007, according to statistics on Campus Safety’s site.

The cost of the system is pricey, but the value of students’ safety is priceless.

Placing the towers or even emergency phones in remote areas such as dimly lit parking lots would be beneficial and give students extra peace of mind.

The Claremont colleges have the system installed on their campuses, as do many other schools across the nation.

If we have it in our budget to install the parking counter in lot D we should be able to afford an extra safety precaution in the very same lot.

While the need for the towers is not immediate, the campus should look into extra precautions to keep students safe as they expand on the campus and as the new dorms are completed.

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