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French tradition is brought to the University of La Verne

The Campus Activities Board hosted “Free Pancake Day” Feb. 2 in Davenport Dining Hall. The event was created to welcome students back to the spring semester. The event included a pancake eating competition where students had to eat a single pancake as fast as they could. The competitors included Albert Trujillo, Alexa Atkinson, Jennifer Valencia and Ariel Devor. / photo by Cameron Barr

Valerie Dominguez
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board hosted Pancake Day on Feb. 2 as part of its LeoVille event week from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Davenport Dining Hall.

“Pancake Day is held on Feb. 2 in France, so we decided it would be cool to go with that,” Carina Gonzalez, junior criminology major, said.

Signs were posted around campus to show students where they could find their breakfast for lunch. Long lines filled the dining hall as students rushed to get their pancakes. Since tables were filled with hungry students, many resorted to eating outdoors so they too could enjoy the pancakes.

“We always like a change so we embrace special events like these, because it allows the chefs to try different things,” Sharon Levine, Bon Appétit Director of Operations, said. Levine also said that Davenport set a record of how many people were served that day.

This event allowed the first 50 commuters to eat for free and students a chance to choose what kind of pancakes they wanted. Students chose between plain or chocolate chip pancakes with toppings like whipped cream and strawberries. Chefs even served “silver dollar” pancakes, which were prepared as the size of a silver dollar. CAB had their table displayed in its usual spot near the north doors inside Davenport. At the yellow and black table free T-shirts, which quickly ran out, were given to students to show school pride. This event came with more than just pancakes and free T-shirts; it also came with opportunities to win amazing prizes.

To win a prize, students had to participate in the pancake-eating contest. The person who got first place in the pancake-eating contest would receive a $25 gift card to AMC Theatres.

“We thought it would be fun to have people do a pancake-eating contest instead of pie-eating because it went so well with the event itself,” Gonzalez said. Students also participated in a trivia game that asked questions based on LeoVille Week in hopes to win one of the three $10 Cold Stone gift cards.

Commuters responded well to the event with smiles on their faces and satisfied stomachs. Freshman Christopher De Belen, commuter, said that he, along with his other commuter friends, enjoyed the event.

“It’s fun when they have events like these,” De Belen said. “It feels like they’re still looking out for us, like they haven’t forgotten about us. I’m glad they have stuff for us commuters too.”

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