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More fitness classes needed

The University of La Verne offers about 10 fitness classes for students to take and students have taken full advantage of these classes.

Many of these classes are filled to capacity and some of them have more students than the listed capacity on the registration website, due to instructors allowing extra students to participate.

ULV is taking the right step towards giving students an opportunity to receive credits and also get up to an hour of exercise.

Many college students have busy schedules and do not have the time to work out, but now they can be at school and work out at the same time, because of the class fitting in to their schedule.

Taking a fitness course encourages students to fit a twice a week exercise into their routine, without having to give themselves motivation beyond doing well in a class.

The problem that students are facing, however, is how crowded these classes are, resulting in students working out in stressful conditions.

Many of these activities demand a lot of space and students are being forced to workout in tighter spaces, which can defeat the purpose of a workout.

For example, a class like step aerobics or kick-boxing cannot be done in the small space students are given, since movement is not confined to specific space and can move around the aerobics studio or classroom.

The university needs to look at getting more fitness teachers and/or more classes so that students will have more space for movement and more course options to choose from.

As semesters pass the fitness classes will become more popular among students and the course catalog needs to be more prepared for what is to come.

If math classes were filled beyond capacity, the university would find a way to make things right so students can get their general education requirement fulfilled.

The same thing needs to happen with the movement and fitness classes because they allow students to stay in shape.

It should not be acceptable for students to have to move in unison, instead of at their own pace, just to avoid bumping into each other or tripping over a water bottle or backpack.

Student safety is also an issue with these over filled classes. A student can easily get kicked in the face, roll an ankle or fall on their face in these tight knit classrooms.

If the university takes anything out of this semester, hopefully it will be to expand these classes.

One of the reasons why students choose to attend ULV is because of the small class sizes; fitness classes should not be an exception.

At the University of La Verne students are expected to take a Fitness for Life class and all students who take the class are encouraged to participate in other fitness classes that the university has to offer.

Students used to be able to sit in on these fitness classes without enrolling, but for most of the courses, it is not the case anymore.

ULV may have bit off more than they can chew for the spring semester, but hopefully they take this as a learning experience and are able to fulfill student expectations of La Verne with more fitness classes in the future semesters.

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