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Shooting Cupid’s Arrow

University of La Verne students find creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day originated as a Christian holiday for two martyrs, Saint Valentine of Rome, about AD 269, and Saint Valentine of Terni, about AD 197. King Henry VII officially declared Feb. 14 St. Valentine’s Day in 1537. / photo by Scott Mirimanian

Veronica Orozco
Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day has always been a day for couples to express their admiration for each other, whether it be through a bouquet of roses or a box of chocolates.

Not much has changed in passing years, but one thing that has developed through time is the creativity of a person’s gift for their significant other.

Men feel that they should be spontaneous and romantic when it comes to their plans or presents and usually strive to be unique.

“If I had a girlfriend that lived far away I would surprise her in a tuxedo with flowers and take her out to a nice dinner,” Jake Veith, junior movement and sports science major, said.

When a group of 17 University of La Verne students were polled, the majority of men said that they try to do things that are special for their significant others.

When students were asked to describe their ideal Valentine’s Day, 100 percent responded saying that it would be a day alone with their significant others. They differed, however, in the specifics of their ideal dates.

Some said they’d prefer to go to the movies.

Others said dinner, and two a hot air balloon would be a most romantic date.

Though the goal to be romantic was shared by most men surveyed. They were not short on ideas.

When asked what types of gifts they have given or would like to give to someone, the responses were anything but uniform.

“I would like to leave clues for my girlfriend throughout the day and eventually lead her to an intimate place and look at the view,” Gage Henderson, freshman movement and sports science major, said.

“Spending Valentine’s Day alone previous years has helped me create a large sum of ideas that have never been used,” Roberto Suarez, freshman movement and sports science major, said.

“I will put them together in order to make one perfect Valentine’s Day,” Suarez said.

Significant others are not the only ones who get attention on this day.

Parents, best friends and even complete strangers can get recognized for Valentine’s Day.

“Although I spend most Valentine’s Days alone, I still go around school and give every girl who did not have a valentine a candy flower,” Suarez said.

Suarez thinks that Valentine’s Day should be about spending the day with anyone you love, not just your significant other.

Suarez is not the only man who shows his generosity towards others on Valentine’s Day.

“I am going to plan a surprise dinner on the beach for my mom and dad,” Curtis Mottram, freshman business major, said.

Valentine’s Day, at least according to La Verne students, is not reserved for couples only.

A man can choose to spend it with his mother just as easily as he can take his significant other out to dinner.

One thing for sure is that University of La Verne men are anything but boring when it comes to their Valentine’s Day planning.

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