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Student editors set high standards

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Jason Cox and Christina Collins Burton will serve as editors for La Verne Magazine and Campus Times in spring 2012. Cox, a senior journalism major, is editor of La Verne Magazine. He is a comic book collector and has more than 1,000 comics. Burton, a junior Journalism major, is editor in chief of the Campus Times and active in the Rainbow Alliance and Alpha Omicron Pi. / photo by Candice Salazar

Allison Lavelle
LV Life Editor

A changing of the guard for La Verne Magazine and the Campus Times is taking place in spring 2012 as Jason Cox and Christina Collins Burton take over the editor in chief positions for the publications.

Cox, a senior journalism major, is the new editor of La Verne Magazine and has not previously held an editing position.

Before taking this role Cox completed two semesters of staff writing for the Campus Times and one semester for La Verne Magazine and wanted to broaden his experiences.

“It’s my last semester here and I haven’t really gone out of my comfort zone,” Cox said. “I haven’t done any real editor work yet, just the regular staff work.”

Cox’s main goal is to put out an issue of La Verne Magazine that meets or exceeds the standards that are already present at the publication.

George Keeler, professor of journalism and faculty adviser for La Verne Magazine, believes that the magazine and staff writers are in good hands with Cox.

“This magazine is one of the best university magazines in the nation and I know Jason will keep us at that level with his leadership,” Keeler said.

After writing a story about squirrels for the magazine, Keeler saw an editor’s personality in Cox that would be a good match to lead the publication.

“He has a gift for writing that is humorous and clever,” Keeler said. “In his writing I saw a style that is unique, different and engaging.”

After Cox graduates in May, he hopes to start his career in journalism as quickly as possible.

“I’m pretty open to writing for anyone who will pay me,” Cox said.

Cox also wants to create original work, including comic books that could be made in to television shows or movies.

Burton, a junior journalism major, took the position of editor in chief of the Campus Times because she wants the campus to know that the newspaper is here to help report what students and administration think is important.

“I want people on campus to be passionate and tell me what their grievances are so we can try to address them,” Burton said.

In her role as editor in chief, Burton also wants to keep La Verne’s administration accountable for their decisions.

She also hopes the readers will hold the newspaper accountable for the stories it prints.

“We’re not here to attack people; that’s what I always hear,” Burton said. “We’re here to inform the campus, and how people take the information is up to them.”

Burton additionally wanted the leadership opportunity and the chance to work with writers with different backgrounds and styles.

Elizabeth Zwerling, faculty adviser for the Campus Times and associate professor of journalism, thinks Burton’s calm demeanor and sense of news make her a perfect choice for editor in chief.

“Christina’s got a really calm, cool, collected style which is great when you’re in a high pressure, deadline situation,” Zwerling said. “She knows her editing and she knows stories.”

Burton hopes this experience will give her a base for becoming a book editor because of the structure that journalistic writing has.

“I hope that Christina will find the experience rewarding,”Zwerling said.

“The position has the potential to be a fantastic professional training ground.”

Not only are both editors dedicated to their positions at La Verne’s publications, they also use their time out of the newsroom to take part in organizations on campus, enjoy their hobbies and work.

Cox collects comic books and works at JPM Comics and Games in Glendora.

Burton holds many positions in campus organizations. She is vice president of administration for Alpha Omicron Pi and vice president of the Rainbow Alliance.

She is also secretary of the Society for Professional Journalists and treasurer of the Japanese Culture Club.

“I hold a lot of positions to calm me down because I get stressed when I have nothing to do,” Burton said.

“I get really into things,” Burton said. “Currently I really like painting my nails, but maybe next week I’ll try to whittle.”

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