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Inspiring random acts of kindness

Celebrating Random Act of Kindness Day in Sneaky Park, John Comunale, freshman communications major, and Micky Pollock, sophomore broadcast major, color decorations for their significant others. CAB sponsored the event, called “Pass it On,” Tuesday. / photo by Brittney Slater-Shew

Danielle Navarro
Staff Writer

The Campus Activities Board helped students spread some love with their “Pass It On” event on Tuesday in Sneaky Park.

The event was in observance of Random Act of Kindness Day, an unofficial holiday celebrated annually around the world. It is usually celebrated on Feb. 17, although the date sometimes varies in different parts of the world.

However, the purpose of it is the same everywhere: it is meant to encourage people to do something kind for friends and strangers without expecting anything in return.

“I was thinking about CAB events to do in February for days besides Valentine’s Day,” said Shelby Griffin, a sophomore English and history major and philanthropy chair for CAB.

“I Googled holidays in February and Random Act of Kindness Day came up,” Griffin said. “I liked it because it has to do with the spirit of being kind and giving back, but it’s not all about being in a relationship like Valentine’s Day is.”

Griffin also expressed her hope that students would understand the message that sometimes even the smallest gestures can greatly improve someone’s day.

This was the first “Pass It On” event put on by CAB, and it was intended to remind people of the benefits of positivity and spreading kindness to others.

A table full of various flowers, bags of candy and smiley-face buttons was provided for students to give to friends, loved ones, or even strangers. There were also cards available to sign and give along with the gifts.

“I think it’s a really cool thing,” Micky Pollock, a sophomore broadcast major, said. “One small act of kindness can go a long way for someone.”

The students who attended were excited to have an opportunity to show their love and appreciation for the people in their lives.

Many handwritten notes, including “thank you’s” and “I love you’s,” were written on the cards for friends and significant others.

A few people even wrote encouraging and inspiring notes to pass along to strangers.

“You don’t know what’s going on in people’s lives,” Daniel Sillas, a junior speech communications major, said. “Being nice to someone can really brighten that person’s day and since I’m already nice to my friends all the time, I plan on giving these items to random people on campus.”

Both Sillas and John Comunale, a freshman communications major, agreed that while Random Act of Kindness Day is a great idea for a holiday, going out of one’s way to be kind to others should not be an action limited to just one day out of the year.

“I believe in treating others as you want to be treated,” Comunale said. “So if you give a random act of kindness, you might get one back one day.”

Ultimately, the sentiment behind the holiday is what really matters. A simple act of kindness or selflessness, no matter how big or small, can go a long way in a person’s life, and that was the message that CAB was hoping to get across to students.

“I just hope it makes people’s days a bit brighter and happier,” Griffin said.

Judging by the amount of students who stopped by, picked up gifts and filled out cards to give to others, it seems that they were successful.

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