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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I support student journalists here at La Verne and I support the Campus Times, so I hate to have to voice my complaint, but after reading the March 2 issue I have to say something. Can you please hire a copy editor? A copy editor used to be a necessary staff position at any publication committed to accurate reporting, fact-checking, and the English language – why doesn’t Campus Times employ one? I like to read up on campus events, but I find all of the typos so distracting and frankly, disheartening. I want to be proud of our campus newspaper, but the careless typos lowers the Campus Times’ ethos or reputation as credible student media. For example, in the article titled “Faculty joins debate to celebrate team’s centennial” (March 2) Professor Ian Lising is referred to as having debates “bubbling in her mind for 15 years.” If this reporter actually spoke with Professor Lising, it’s quite evident that those thoughts were bubbling in HIS mind. Anyway, I’m aware that I sound like a grumpy English/writing professor with this complaint, but I do love the English language, and solid reporting, and I hope to see both in Campus Times in the future.

Jolivette Mecenas
Assistant Professor of Writing

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