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Students get racey at Mario Kart tournament

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Corey Chabot, Roberto Suarez, Aaron Brown and Catalina Lopez race one another in the first round of the Mario Kart Tournament on Feb. 23 in the Campus Center. Mario Kart, a go-kart style racing game, was first introduced on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992 and became an instant classic among gamers. There are currently nine different Mario Kart games that have been made for home and arcade video game systems. During the tournament, participants were eliminated bracket style in four rounds. Gift certificates to Granny’s Yogurt were awarded to the top three finishers. The winner received a $25 gift card and the second and third place finishers earned $15 and $10 gift cards respectively. / photo by Scott Mirimanian

Valerie Dominguez
Staff Writer

Competition was intense at the Mario Kart Tournament Feb. 23 in Leo’s Den.

The Campus Activities Board held the tournament on the Nintendo Wii in the Campus Center.

Kelly Eder, a senior and liberal studies major, hosted the event with free food and drinks for participants and visitors.

Competitors arrived early as their excitement turned into anxiety.

“The students really enjoy it,” Elder said. “I don’t know much about video games but everyone else does and it seems to be a really big deal.”

Ten students signed up to win the grand prize: a $25 gift card to Granny’s Yogurt.

The tournament consisted of four rounds in which students competed on four courses.

The top two racers of the first round would then have to compete in the final round.

In the first round freshman Catalina Lopez, sophomore Aaron Brown, freshman Roberto Suarez and freshman Corey Chabot were up first to compete for the top two spots.

Some were off to a rough start and in the end Brown and Chabot were the top two winners in the first round.

“The thing with this game is you can’t strategize,” Suarez, a movement and sports science major, said. “You never know what you get; it’s all skill and luck.”

Suarez was in the lead for the second top spot before getting hit by a spiked blue shell, causing him to lose the position.

After losing in the first round, Lopez was upset with himself.

“I’m going to go home and play Mario Kart to redeem myself in my heart,” Lopez, an art major, said.

Round two brought more energy as three more contenders fought for a spot in the final round.

In the end, sophomore physics major Scott Chandler brought in a win and moved on to the final round of racing along with round three winner Vincent Gonzalez, a junior movement and sports science major.

The competition was fierce as round three started.

Chandler came in second on the first track, putting him in the lead.

Then Brown came back by winning first place in the next two tracks, kicking Chandler from the top spot.

Aaron Brown won the final round by a landslide with 48 points.

“I let them fight with each other and I just focused on the race,” Brown said. “It feels great to win because I won this tournament last year.”

Brown had been practicing for the tournament three days in advance.

Chandler and Gonzalez tied for second place with 25 points. In the end, Chandler speeded past the finish line and won the tiebreaker for second place, landing him with a $15 Granny’s Yogurt gift card.

Gonzalez finished in third with a $10 Granny’s Yogurt gift card.

“It was horrible and embarrassing. I should have believed,” Gonzalez said.

“It came down to the wire and it felt wonderful to win.” Chandler said. “I was lucky and in this case, the lucky came and prevailed.”

Valerie Dominguez can be reached at valerie.dominguez

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