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Bring peer counseling to ULV

Suicide is the ninth leading cause of death among the U.S. population and is the second leading cause of death among college students, according to the World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Survey Initiative.

The survey that was conducted by professor of education psychology at the University of Texas at Austin David Drum also found out that more than half of American college students have considered suicide at some point in their lives and 15 percent said they had seriously considered suicide.

Out of that 15 percent, more than 5 percent said they had attempted suicide.

Relief from emotional or physical pain was the top reason students had these suicidal thoughts followed by romantic relationships, then just a generalized desire to end their lives, finally followed by problems with school or academics.

The study concluded that a college with 18,000 undergraduate students could have 1,080 students contemplating suicide in any year.

According to the No. 1 cause of suicide among college students (and all suicides) is untreated depression. So what will happen if a student with untreated depression continues to have problems? They might commit suicide and that is something that no college administration wants on their campus.

That is one of the reasons why the University of La Verne should have peer counseling on campus for students who might be having major emotional problems or if they just need someone to talk to.

While the professionals in the University’s Counseling Center do a terrific job, often times students feel more comfortable discussing sensitive issues with their peers.

Many students find themselves in an unfamiliar place, miles away from parents and friends. They really do not have anyone to talk about their problems with. That alone could lead to depression.

Peer counseling would allow students to finally open up with their problems and possibly get the help they need from peer counseling sessions.

Many students would benefit greatly from this and would only have a positive affect on the community and the university.

Recently a student at the ULV started a Facebook page called La Verne Postsecret, where many students have posted about their emotional problems. This is a perfect opportunity for La Verne to start a peer-counseling project.

It would show the students that the school is actually willing to listen and is prepared to take the correct steps in helping students psychologically.

Peer counseling would also let students know that they are not alone, that they are not the only ones having these problems on campus. It would also ultimately help students out with their academics. They would be able to clear their minds for classes and homework with the help of peer counseling.

If the university looked into peer counseling they would realize that they would only benefit from this and would have no real negative affect on them.

Students need someone who will listen to them, and now the we need to give them someone to listen.

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