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La Verne website is not user-friendly

Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox

Editorial cartoon by Jason D. Cox

A university’s website is the first thing many potential students go to for information when trying to choose a college. All the information about a school and the application process is placed conveniently in its own section that is clearly labeled and well-organized. This is no different for the University of La Verne’s website.

Prospective students have their own area online that contains all the information they might need to know, when deciding whether they would like to attend La Verne.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the section dedicated to current students, which is a mess of excess pages, scattered information and inconsistent layouts.

The home page and drop-down menu is easy enough to understand, but when a student begins sifting through departments in search of information or forms, there is only a maze of Web pages, with varying layouts, that seems to lead to nowhere.

In frustration students turn to the search engine function in hopes that a quick answer might be found, but what is actually discovered is a long list of Campus Times articles relating to the words searched for, that are not useful in their current situation.

La Verne’s website needs to be updated so it is more user-friendly for current students.

For example, it would be very useful for the website to have an area dedicated to forms for students to print as they need them.

Instead of having to click through several pages of a department or make a trip to campus, one master page of downloadable PDF forms would save both time and frustration.

As enrollment increases, students need the website to function efficiently so long waits for help in Woody Hall and the Campus Center can be avoided, and the wait time can be expedited.

If all the information a student needs is easily accessible on the Internet, it will save time for both students and faculty.

It could be argued that the state of the website is at the same level as those of other universities, and that this is what is expected of our university.

It does not matter that La Verne’s website is comparable to those of other universities; that is no excuse for it to be in poor shape for the current students.

The state of other schools’ websites should be taken advantage of, and if La Verne has a clean, consistent website, the University will stand out and look far better in comparison to prospective and current students.

La Verne’s website could be far more than the marketing tool it is being used for currently.

With some organization and minor updates it could be an advantage over other comparable schools, save current students’ time and be an overall image improvement for the university.

The University is currently expanding at an extremely fast rate and if the website does not keep up, it could potentially hinder the growth process and consequently create many unhappy students and faculty. Catch up to your expansion, La Verne, or it will hurt us in the long-run.

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