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Rock-n-Jock is a slam dunk for philanthropy

Annunciata Williams
Staff Writer

Phi Sigma Sigma hosted its seventh annual Rock-n-Jock basketball philanthropy tournament Wednesday in the Athletics Pavillion.

“I just came out to cheer on everybody,” Lisa Tundis, resident director of the Oaks, said. “I just love the Greek community.” Participants in the event were asked to donate $2 to play, while audience members were asked to give $1 to support the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which benefits the National Kidney Foundation.

Friends and onlookers lined the walls to cheer on their favorite teams.

It was difficult to hold a conversation because the noise was deafening.

“It’s hard without a megaphone. My voice can only go so loud,” said junior Veronica Sepulveda, philanthropy chairwoman of Phi Sigma Sigma.

The gym was so loud that Sepulveda had to shout and whistle several times before she got the athletes’ attention to begin the games.

The teams waited on the sidelines for their turn to play while they watched two games being played side-by-side.

The crowd cheered, shouted, laughed and celebrated as teams moved up the bracket.

Although the competition was fierce, participants were always good natured and played for the fun of the sport.

“I’m really excited to be here. I like basketball,” said Brianna Martinelli, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Phi Sigma Sigma members roamed the courts in their uniformed shirts coordinating the event and keeping everyone happy.

Occasionally, whole groups of them would break out into a chant, cheering on the teams.

“First match, David versus Goliath, we won” Jacob Caropina, environmental biology major, said.

Some games were fast paced and very intense, amazing three pointers were made and the athletes were serious about playing.

Other teams were composed of players who seemed to have little experience but a lot of heart, and played to have fun.

“It went great, but it would have helped if I had a better team” Jonathan Smith, a leadership management graduate student, said.

His game was interesting due to the wide variation of skills among the athletes.

He mentioned his team was not very coordinated.

“No matter what, good or bad, I’m glad I played with them,” Smith said.

“This is an annual event we put on” Sepulveda said. “This was such a great turnout.”

The final game came down to a match between Team Wetness and The Symbols.

Team Wetness, made up of basketball team, triumphed in the end and won the competition.

They will be given medals engraved with their team name and the year they won the Rock-n-Jock games.

The event raised $706 for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation and provided guests with an exciting evening.

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